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The Joy of Christian Rock to the Glory of God.

Thank God, there is hope in using music as a tool for spreading the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank God that all glory belongs to our lord alone. Jesus gets all the glory because He has given us freedom to use the Arts Especially "Christian Rock" in ministering the lost so that they to can receive the gospel salvation that can save them from Hell and destruction. God has called us in the ministry of Christian Rock Music to share the Love of Jesus Christ to everyone. by doing so, We give honor and glory unto God alone. The glory does not belong to mankind, It Belongs only to God. Praise God for the privilege to Share the Love of Christ through Christian Rock Music. We even can use it for Spiritual Warfare, To set the captives free, And to bless everyone with.

(1 Samuel 18:6-8) When we win the victory With the Lord on our side, it brings great joy even when we sing our victory song, It brings us joy with dancing "Christian Hip-Hop & Rave". Psalms 98 is another good section of Scriptures that talks about singing a now song In victory. 1 Chr 29:11 tells us that the Lord is exalted above everything including the arts. The Lord gets all the glory. We can bring honor to the Lord when we give all the glory unto him alone. Psalms 30:4 & 12 tells us that we can give thanks unto the Lord through music. We can give our praise offerings unto the Lord when we worship him through music.

(1 Chronicles 15:16) Promises that we can be joyful in worshiping God with music even with any type of instraments. We can also worship the Lord with a shout of praise "Christian Rock & Metal" Music is an art form of worship to the Lord. It's Like this, The instrumental part is the vessel, And the words are the things that we put in the vessel. then we mix it in a blender then (poof) we have musician full power that means something in the lyrics. Yes, Music. does have power depending on the lyrics that the musician uses. It is very important on how we use music when it comes to spreading the Gospel to the Lost. Words are like medicine to the soul. It's like this - when our body needs healing, we need to use the correct medicine "Jesus". Every soul needs Jesus to save them from destruction. The wrong medicine symbolizes of all of the false religions and cults. This is why it is so important to use the correct medicine to cure the soul of their sickness (Christian Rock with the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ is the correct and perfect medicine to heal the soul with Gods Free Salvation).

(Job 29:13) We can bless others through music when we lead them to Jesus. God wants to bless us with joy through music when we use it for the Spreading of the gospel to the lost. God can also minister a soul through music and the arts. When we bless others through music, It brings joy to that person to where they want to sing for joy in the Lord. We can bless others with joy in the holy Ghost. 1 Kings 8:66 records that God can bless us when we get delivered from Egypt (Old Lifestyle), Apply it to Christian Rock, And we get a whole lot of souls saved and serving the Lord. Wow, what a big huge difference then trying to share the gospel to a hardcore unsaved person with a slowest gospel music

type of method. Christian Rock is simply the greatest way to bless the non-believer into receiving the Lord into their hearts and serving
the Lord.

(Job 38:7) Even Gods Creation sings for joy "Birds, geese, hens Etc...", They all sing for joy in the Lord. When we get blessed by God with his creation, it makes us want to jump for joy with singing. Ezra 3:11 speaks about having joy in the Lord with a loud shout. When we worship the Lord with a shout, It travels a great long distance to where everyone far away can hear it. The louder the shout, The farther it can be heard. It's the same way with the Gospel through Christian Rock, The louder The shout, The more powerful and farther the gospel can be heard and witnessed to all the lost souls. Psalms 49 Tells us that we can use music to spread Gods Wisdom to every living soul living on this earth. Psalms 87 Speaks of Glorifying the Lord with music of any kind. God created all music including the arts. Psalms 62:11 tells us that we can use biblical prophecy in music.

Praise the Lord that we have opportunity to use Christian Rock to spread the gospel to every nation living on this earth. God has truly and greatly blessed all of us through Christian Rock "Psalms 33:1-3, 150:1-6, 2 Chr 30:21" We also

can use loud instruments such as an electric guitar, an electric Synthesizers and keyboards. God has truly given us the greatest witnessing tool called Christian Rock to share what God has in store for every soul alive today. It gives all of us hope to use Christian Rock as a witness that Jesus is the only way to salvation....Praise the Lord.

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Comment by Michael Lee Powell on June 22, 2010 at 3:47am
Amen, Praise the Lord.
Comment by David Velasquez on June 21, 2010 at 12:59am
Rock on beloved!

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