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The Bible Before Printing, Introduction and Tentative Index

  As I was working on the on-going project to digitize my notes, writings and files over the years, it came to me I had a large collection of materials to do a presentation for AAG members that might be interested on the process of bookmaking as it developed along with the History of the Bible itself as a book. Indeed, much of the early bookmaking and scribal arts was tailored exclusively towards the production of the Bible, both for its dissemination across the world, and as a way to give glory to God and our Lord Jesus Christ.
  Much of the basis of this blog will be results of my studies as an undergraduate and graduate student in Fine Art, plus a lifetime's private studies of the manuscript art of the Hiberno-Saxon culture of the 7th though 12th centuries, as well as an artist specializing in the same time period.
  I expect it will take a month to organize my notes into a form suitable for AAG, this week I have completed the section on making parchment. I will post the sections as they are completed, then once all are done, reorganize the blogs into a coherent presentation.
  Hopefully, some of you will fine it interesting.
  The tentative index is:

1. Introduction
2. The Art of making The Bible, pre-Gutenberg
   A. A bit of history
   B. The Jewish Tradition
   C. The Christian Tradition
3. Materials for early book making
   A. The Ground (materials written on
   B. Inks & paints
   C. pens & brushes
   D. other tools
4. Techniques of the Scribal Arts
  A. Making parchment (4/25)
     I. General Discussion (4/24)
    II. A Demonstration of Parchment Making (4/25)
  B. Making inks & paints
  C. Making a quill pen
5. Example of The Book of Ecclesiastes being made with Early Medieval Methods
6. A survey of Major Historical Styles
  A. Lettering Styles
  B. Illustration Styles
7. For further reading
8. References
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