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That Still Small Voice: Words and Music by Linda Kostin July 25/ 2006

I can hear that still small voice / speaking to me on the wind/
" Things are going to change / This crisis soon will end ~/
Out with the old , in with the new/ This is what I'm going to do for you."/
I can hear that still small voice / That's always true .../

1st chorus : It seems, so long, since I've been really, happy/
I've been so blue / I don't know what to do!/
I try so hard to do what's right! / To love, forgive and pray/
But I feel that I am so alone ~~~ feeling this way~ ...( Pause)
"Help me Lord! " I Pray~!

Now I hear that still small voice, speaking to me on the wind~/
" Things will surely change~ / Great blessing I will send~"/
I still feel a gentle breeze / that's swept, away my fear~/
How I love that still small voice / of the Holy Spirit here!

2nd chorus : I feel a peace, I haven't felt, for so long now!/
And joy inside~, replacing tears I've cried~!/
The blues are gone / I will press on, right through that brand new door./ I'll never say, that I'm alone, not anymore~! ... / Because I've heard, ... that still small voice, as never before~!
I have been saved 30 years ( October/08 actually !) Yet, I know that no matter how strong we think we are; how very weak we can get at times. There is no sin in this, as when we are weak, JESUS CHRIST is strong! Weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning: The Word of God says. However, I remember writing to the Lord 20 years ago, "Lord weeping may enure for a night? Joy comes in the morning? Sometimes I wonder if I'll ever stop crying. In my case, it seems that weeping may endure for many nights but the joy comes through my mourning as I die more and more to self; bearing the cross and sharing in Christ's suffering." I know that if I had not gone through so much suffering, that I would not have become the writer that I am; giving God all the glory. I write with all of my heart truthfully, as I have experienced so much in my life and walk with the Lord, to be able to share what I do through songs as well as poetry. We all go through very deep valleys in our life as well as feel great joy; however how many Christians will tell all about the joy things but hide the sorrowful things while going through them? Afraid that if they shared their frears and burdens, they will be judged by others as weak in the Lord, or this or that, how JOB was judged. We should all share our burdens one with the other so that we can pray and love one another through whatever one is going through. I LOVE THE 3 cord ministry message in accordance to the word of GOD! OH yes! I thank the Lord for the wonderful Christian friends who are in my life, that love me unconditionally and I them:Thank you Jesus! Romans chapter 8 as well as 1st Corinthians 13 on love is wonderful to read!> WOW! Study all about the Holy Spirit in the Word, as He is so very important in our lives. The Father, Son and Holy Spirit: Working together , the Godhead three in one. AMEN! LOVE YA ALL, my new friends! Linda Sister xo!

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Comment by Donald James Parker on November 6, 2008 at 11:30am
Nice!!! Thanks for sharing, Linda.

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