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My son was admitted to hospital and operated on Sunday. He had to remove appendix. He was vommiting and crying since his stomach was painful after the surgery pains stopped. I thank God for his wonderful work. Of showing the Dr what was wrong with my son. I also want to say thank you Father for taking care of us. I have been thinking hard about his situation. I knew God will take care of him. But I thought my God why him, he is only nine years old.
I wanted to exchange the pain he was going through. I would like to tell all mothers who are going through this ordeal. To just start thanking God for Life. The son or the daughter is now healed in the name of son. Jesus Christ. Thank you God for the healing. In my Language Kea leboha Ntate Molimo ka pholo......

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Comment by Mamello on December 4, 2012 at 11:51am
Thank you. I was very skeptical when the Dr told me he suspect appendix I thought he was too young and it just early for him suspect it. The insisted and told me that if removed it's minus one problem, if not removed and it bursts it calls for major operation.

I was afraid but I remembered it was not on me to decide that. I decided to let go and let God.. God is great. Today he had his first meal I thank God for his healing. God bless you thank you.
Comment by Mary O on December 4, 2012 at 11:23am

Hi Mamello, God bless!

I pray for his swift recovery. I praise and thank God that they found it in time. Appendicitis can be scary because the appendix could burst. It's better to find it and deal with it. He's young, and will recover quickly. Praise the Lord!

My husband's sister had her appendix removed when she was 45. That was a while back. I didn't know anyone could have appendicitis at that age. Have you ever heard of such a thing? I figured if you get to a certain age you're in the clear. Her appendix burst and the poison spread. She was found unconsious and couldn't tell us what was wrong.

It's not good to happen to somebody, but I think it's good to find it and take care of it and I thank God your son's okay.



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