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The movement of my life

A symphony does make

Adding verses to the song

From the time I awake


Following my Lord

The notes ring more sweet

My life song more lovely

Since my Lord I did meet


Even the solemn notes

Have a beautiful place

So that the trials I now

Can gratefully embrace


The pauses and rests

Are meaningful too

Distinguishing the notes

The pauses certainly do


Yes, rest lends beauty

To the symphony of life

As do the trials

And the periods of strife


To You, Lord, I devote

My life song each day

May my life song ring

With beauty, I pray


Enjoying the pauses

And the bitter notes too

For both sweeten a song

In ways I never knew


Today and every day

May our lives of Christ sing

Glory and Honor to God

May our songs always bring

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Comment by Bible-Talk on September 14, 2011 at 12:57pm

Caroline, that's wonderful! You've got a great talent, lets see more of it being used.

In Him,




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