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Suicides must be prohubited everywhere.

Suicides are the most common cause of death among teenagers these days. And i don't see any good in this except for a misery for their parents and their families. Their families are left out with a thinking that maybe the reason must be conderable one or whatever. Parents loves their children so much so they just don't want to see the wrong thing about them. Suicides are not considerable in any way. Maybe the reason wioo be big enough still nobody gets the right to kill themselves to make their family suffer. God gave us birth and he have the perfect timing for everything. He is the only one to get the right to decide when we die. He is our father. In christianity its not good to do suicide and its our duty to respect that and spread this awareness among everywhere. God i love You so much and i am gonna respect every word of Yours. Amen..

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