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So absolutely hard to understand this world sometimes. You stand up for your friend who is being put down by classmates... you are called "faggot" and told to go to hell.... something about that is really screwed up. Isn't that part of our purpose here? To stand up for one another? Certainly not to put people down and make them feel like a loser. I wish I could understand what goes through peoples mind who treat others with such cruelty. What makes them do that.....

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Comment by Kriss on October 10, 2012 at 11:59pm

Thanks Gregory... I know I will always stand up for others, and I will pray for the ones who are being cruel... I just wish I could understand their what they are thinking... I mean even when I rejected God and hated him I still never lashed out and hurt others.. I guess it's just beyond my comprehension because my thinking is that hurting others never accomplishes any good. :) Guess I care too much. I always give people another chance even when they shouldn't get another one. It's really hard. I just hate to see people hurting each other. Getting called names doesn't bother me now. But I know before it could've been the last straw. And I know there are others out there who can't take it and I want to be there for them

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