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The time has come for all of us to repent for our sins and openly express our belief in Jesus our Saviour.  It is important to remember that We will all be judged not by our words, but instead by our actions.  To say you love Jesus and then live without given aid to the poor through donations or time is just as bad as saying you do not believe in him.  Jesus looks for altruistic qualities within his followers.  Sorry to say it, but asking for Jesus at Death without have the actions to prove your love of others is not enough.

Jesus has returned,  Ahllelulia!

Look for signs and God will demonstrate his awesome power and the world will know his on Earth and ready for the final battle with Evil and the Devil.

A miracle designed to shock people into following Jesus will occur.  As we know there will be those who still do not follow Jesus.

A chastisement will be issued by the hand of God that will inflict non-belieivers and will serve as a method for thoses who do believe  to see the others.

Once these are completed, the Judgement will take place.   Those who are written in the Book of Life will ascend to Heaven.  Those who are not will be sent to Hell.  Their fate will be determined by a planet hurtling itself towards Earth.

Once the old Earth and old Heaven is destroyed, a new Earth and new Heaven will be created.

You do not need to be afraid so long as your heart is fillled with the  Joy from Jesus.

Jesus:  I am the one who is, who was, and who has come again.

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