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I shared this with another Group
Good Morning to everyone. It's cloudy and cool with rain in the forecast. Temps range from about 53F to 57F . I say "Good Morning" as this day as every day is given to us by God. It is by His grace that we are here. This is not to say we shouldn't yearn to be with our Lord one day. (2 Tim. 4).
For those who don't know me my name is Edward and I have used the name "Skypilot" for years. No, I am not a pilot. Back in the 1800's in the American West a preacher was known as a skypilot, one who served God. Having been in the ministry for a number of years after attending 2 Bible Colleges one in Canada and one in Louisiana. This does not include the part time classes I took one of which was in Alabama.
I was born into one of the 40 plus Mennonite faiths & culture which I left in 1972 for personal and religious reasons. Before I found the faith I was "comfortable" in I attended several other faiths where I found little or no spiritual satisfaction. Finally I did find a "comfortable" place, not a perfect one mind you however, they lived, worshiped and served according to the scriptures, God's divinely inspired Word. I soon learned that this faith was not always up to par with God's Word or will. Their beliefs were sound or at least most of them, the ones that mattered were. For 44 years I was a "member" until one day I realized that things were going downhill for me spiritually and I needed more spiritual solid food.
I am a firm believer in God and His Word. Believing by itself is not enough, it won't get me into heaven. Even the demons believe and tremble but it doesn't save them. Its when I unconditionally surrender my self to God. Thats easier said than done isn't it? Paul encourages us "to work out our salvation with fear and trembling." Not a physical fear but the desire to do what is right in God's sight. Trembling has to do with anticipation of what lies ahead see 2 Tim.4.
In 1983 my wife and I separated eight years later we divorced. Now my three children have in a since "divorced" me and I don't know why. My family consists of my new "church" family and my three cats Angel, Abigail and Maggie. With my marriage break up I could no longer serve as a preacher. In spite of my attempts to remain faithful I fell away from God. I did things that were totally sinful. Remember the scriptures saying if we know what is right and don't do it we sin, well that was me. One day I approched the leaders of my congregation and confessed, was forgiven. I still continue to struggle. This does not mean I don't love God and try and serve Him.
In 1991 I entered the Social Services field, studied and earned my diploma in Social Psychology. I worked with adult men in Corrections then almost 20 years in Corrections with Phase 2 Young Offenders, then a Group Home now with homeless men. During these years I learned more about myself, mankind in general and above all I see God differently. I have more empathy, not just sympathy, for those who have suffered so much whether it be of their own doing or not. All need boost to help them get right with themselves, with society, their loved ones. Many are the product of a dysfunctional family as I was. Many have been sexually, physically and emotionally abused as I was. I never did drugs but I drank - Socially I still do but taht id rare. I know what its like not only to be tempted but to yield to it. I know what it feels like to be forgiven. Though I may have love and trust issues I love and trust God.
I live in the real world, the darker side of life that the average "decent" person tries to avoid, its m,y job.
I would love to have wealth but then I fear it would push God out of my life. I would love to have fame but then God would no longer be in the spotlight. Charlie Pride sings a song I like, "I just wanna be me." I just want what God wants me to be. As far as world is concerned I am a nobody but to God I am a somebody that ALL that matters. To live by His Word and His will. I have concerns over some things that are posted here where there is more concern over speaking in tongues ( not sure why that is since I believe God can understand me without tongues). So many believe prophesying is vital. Why? God's Word contains all the prophecies we need. Jesus critized the religious leaders of adding to God's laws that they had no right to. Today many are quilty of adding traditions, legalisms, etc. to God's Law. Christ commanded us NOT to add or subtract not even a comma or period.
I know I have stepped on toes but not intentionally. I may even have created controversy but then Christ said that would happen as He created a lot of controversy and stepped on a few toes. It doesn't mean He doesn't love us all and desires we all are His as He is NOT willing that any perish.

Edward (aka Skypilot)

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Comment by Tammy on October 25, 2014 at 12:10am

Edward, I'm sorry for your loss. May the Lord bring the peace that surpasses all understand. Be blessed brother.

Comment by Edward Klassen on October 24, 2014 at 1:23pm

Tammy I enjoyed your post by Charles Spurgeon. It fits in even more now since I received news of a death in my family. I want to keep your post as a reminder.


Comment by Tammy on October 24, 2014 at 1:07pm

Hi Skypilot. I just read a Charles Spurgeon devotional & thought it would fit right here about Jesus' patience in His beloved. 

"He began to wash the disciples' feet."
John 13:5

The Lord Jesus loves his people so much, that every day he is still doing for them much that is analogous to washing their soiled feet. Their poorest actions he accepts; their deepest sorrow he feels; their slenderest wish he hears, and their every transgression he forgives. He is still their servant as well as their Friend and Master. He not only performs majestic deeds for them, as wearing the mitre on his brow, and the precious jewels glittering on his breastplate, and standing up to plead for them, but humbly, patiently, he yet goes about among his people with the basin and the towel. He does this when he puts away from us day by day our constant infirmities and sins. Last night, when you bowed the knee, you mournfully confessed that much of your conduct was not worthy of your profession; and even tonight, you must mourn afresh that you have fallen again into the selfsame folly and sin from which special grace delivered you long ago; and yet Jesus will have great patience with you; he will hear your confession of sin; he will say, "I will, be thou clean"; he will again apply the blood of sprinkling, and speak peace to your conscience, and remove every spot. It is a great act of eternal love when Christ once for all absolves the sinner, and puts him into the family of God; but what condescending patience there is when the Saviour with much long-suffering bears the oft recurring follies of his wayward disciple; day by day, and hour by hour, washing away the multiplied transgressions of his erring but yet beloved child! To dry up a flood of rebellion is something marvellous, but to endure the constant dropping of repeated offences--to bear with a perpetual trying of patience, this is divine indeed! While we find comfort and peace in our Lord's daily cleansing, its legitimate influence upon us will be to increase our watchfulness, and quicken our desire for holiness. Is it so?

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