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I have (3) adult children who all need prayer. My daughters do know the Lord but do not follow his teachings at all. My son is a non-believer and lost.

Unfortunately, I don't think I am the only one who needs prayers for my adult children. I'm hoping this group will encourage and uplift all parents and grandparents.

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Comment by Dawn M on March 4, 2010 at 6:55am
Please pray for myself and my son. My son hasn't been here in about a week. He has called. I packed his stuff the other day when he called to say he found an apartment. He couldn't pay me the $160.00 a month rent which included EVERYTHING. His apartment is $400.00 a month without anything included.
He is selling drugs. This is not the lifestyle that the Lord or myself had for him. He called last night and we had a brief talk. He does not want me to tell anyone ata all where he is living. I let him know that I will not tell anyone. I don't remember what he said after that, but, I told him that what he is doing (selling drugs, lying and stealing) were an embarassment on my part and not something I would brag about. He said " so now it all comes out, your embarassed by me, well now I don't have any respect for you and to lose my number". I took him in in January because he was sleeping in cars and hallways. I wanted him feed, cleaned and warmed daily which is why I took him in. Now I have noticed things missing from my home. I did text him last night and told him that I love him but not the things that he does. I did not hear back from him. None of his friends will take him in because he does steal. I don't know where he is saying at now. Please pray that he finds his way to the Lord and tha it will be a safe journey. Please pray for inner peace for me. Thank you.

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