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i hope this is the right place for this. if not please guide me to it. i am sending a prayer request for my marraiage. we have been married for 11 1/2 years and this past 1 1/2 yr have been the worst or i should say the hardest. i am in love with my husband i would not even want to give him up. only to God! we have been thru online adulty it was addressed and i believe stopped! no reason to think different, then my husband actually tried cocaine, this to was addressed and i believe it has stopped. he takes rx pain meds and i think he tends to abuse them sometimes, i personally do not like some of the people he talkst to they have bad actions like drugs, he has been so depressed lately and angry at everything, short tempered. he does suffer from post traumatic stress disorder and has flash backs sometimes. we have just recently moved and have joined a church he has gone with me and joined too but he acts one way there and then back to the other way when we leave. he is going to school full time and i am working but we are getting farther into debt again which i know is not helping. i am trying my hardest to make it work. i dont want to lose him to the devil. i am just asking for advice and prayers. i know i have to turn things over to God, but it is not easy doing this alone and not being able to share with anyone or have guidance. i know i should talk with the pastor of our church but i am embrassed and shy i dont feel real comfortable with right now. thank you look forward to hearing from you all

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Comment by jamiey on October 28, 2010 at 7:17pm
Thank you Mary Munsey! i know prayer is a strongwonderful thing and through prayer and God all things are possible. and words of encoursgment are always good and needed thank you again!

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