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*RSS-BJP Top Agenda Leaks!*(Present ruling party of India)
1.Hindustan not India.
2.Hinduism in Hindustan.
3. The word "Secular" in the Constitution to be deleted.
4. Anti-Conversion Bill with death sentence.
5. To destroy Churches completely from Hindustan.
6. 3 Lakhs RSS Volunteers to be recruited.
7. Target NorthEast 2018 Election.
8. Christianity to Hinduism at Meghalaya, Mizoram & Nagaland.
8. Zero Tolerance against Christians.
RSS-BJP Agendas has been leaked.
Spread this hidden Agendas and let exposed around the world.
Let the Christian countries like USA, Russia & Britain be heard and teach a lesson to RSS-BJP (India).
Tweeter,WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram, Facebook etc is universal.
Spread this leaks in whatever ways you can.
Copy paste!
‬: Start praying for 2019 election from this day onwards

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Comment by Tammy on April 26, 2017 at 9:02pm

India & their ministries are in my prayers

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