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Obession is a form of demonic takeover, which at times can be pleasant or horrific.

Everyone, even Christians experience obsession many times in their lives. This I'm afraid is a fact.

Sadly some live with the same obsession all their lives

Are you obsessed at this moment? Let’s consider the question.

Ever thought of winning the pools and find yourself working out whom you would share it with? Even though you never play the pools, the dream of winning is a comforting thought that may go on for some time. This is an obsession.

Have you ever been obsessed with the boy or girl next door. Hope or dream of going out together, even though you know that it will never happen?

Obsessed with moving house or buying a house. Wanting to buy a house is fine if you are saving, or have the money to buy it. But if you know that you could never raise the money but still dream of buying a house…. It has become an obsession.

Has someone offended you and you cannot forget or forgive? Then you are obsessed.

Let’s hear from the group of the different obsessions we have experienced and how we overcame them. Remember there are many out there who have obsessions and need to know of the battle or ease with which you withdrew from them.

As for me, I would put myself to sleep for nights on end with the thought of winning a million dollars and how I would share it with friends and family. Eventually a million became six million. One day I saw the word OBSESSION written boldly on a Placard. The Lord spoke to me and I realized that all the different hopes and dreams I continually wished for, but could never obtain, was simply an obsession. An obsession I had developed and sadly not promoted by the Lord.
What obsession have you hidden away in your heart and continually turn to it for comfort or even hate? You may just help others here on AAG.


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Comment by Leonard T on November 19, 2010 at 9:45am
Greetings Ron,

I was obsessed with retiring by age 40 when I was 23. I had it all figured out, except I did not factor in the mighty hand of God Who had other plans for me. He demolished my house of cards, broke me of my obsession for money and moved me in another direction. I praise Him for the discipline He placed on me to free me of this in the past. No discipline is pleasant at the time, but it was necessary and beneficial and I praise Him for it.

Lord Bless,
TheNET Coordinator

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