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In January 2012, when I sat to rest on a seat in the shopping centre, the family continued to check out the shops.  After they had gone for a few minutes, I began to feel very,  thirsty and discovered the water battle was with them.  Immediately I became desperately thirsty and kept looking around to see who I could get to buy me a bottle of water.  At the side of me was a lady with two small children feeding them and a voice said, “why don’t you ask her for a drink of water?” but I did not want to trouble her.   Then  I saw young people with water bottles passing by and this voice said, “why don’t you ask them to buy you a bottle of water”  but I was reluctant to do that.  Just 8 months ago the doctor said I was diabetic and put me on 2 tablets to take daily.

Then the voice said, “you are diabetic, and you need water to drink.”                 Then another voice firmly answered, “ I AM NOT DIABETIC FOR  JESUS CHRIST BORE DIABETES FOR ME”   But the feeling of thirst was very real, and I kept looking around to see how I could get a bottle of water, as these were new surroundings for me.   At that time, some elderly ladies were passing by and the voice said, “you could ask them” but I could not do that.  Then a worker in the shopping centre in his uniform came and stood nearby and the voice said,  ”you could trust him to buy you a bottle of water.  You are diabetic and you may faint.”    Then the other voice firmly said, “I AM NOT DIABETIC FOR I HAVE BEEN HEALED BY HIS STRIPES AND I HAVE GOD’S WORD ON THIS.”  1 Peter 2: 24   After this there was silence and that desperate feeling of thirst disappeared.

Then I began to realize what was going on – those two voices were my thoughts in my head and it was my spirit-man responding based on the authority of God’s Word to the carnal-spirit (my sense knowledge and my feelings).  This was so real to me and when the family came back, I was no longer thirsty!

I praise God for His kind and gracious way of making the Word of God more real than my sense knowledge & feelings that were ruling me.  Now, whenever such thoughts or feelings arise, I declare with confidence I AM NOT DIABETIC FOR I HAVE BEEN HEALED BY HIS STRIPES AND I HAVE GOD’S WORD FOR IT.   1 Peter 2: 24 .    HALLELUJAH!!    I AM NOW SET FREE!

Our thoughts and our feelings (our emotions) play a very important role in life’s decisions but as we learn to trust or line up with God’s Word we will enjoy the reality of His Word!


Margaret Wright

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Comment by Lina on May 12, 2012 at 6:22am

Thank you for this blog sister Margaret.  We serve a mighty God who can do all things.  I hope this blog helps many people here who are experiencing different kinds of ailments. Indeed, by His stripes we are healed!

God bless you and keep you strong and healthy!


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