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This Saturday morning we about fifty visitors for the FGBMFI breakfast a very interesting place - in amongst drug dealers, those just out of prison, those on methadone, the sick, the poor.
Most who come regularly are now saved. Those who keep coming hear the word and grow, we have seen our guests have families get back together, re-entering the workforce, healings, being taken off the street and given places to stay, faces turned from darkness to light and many more signs the can only come from our God, YES God is good!

Holy Spirits Workshop in afternoon, we had many of visitors who came seeking healing and more of God I witnessed God healing three people, one a bad hurting knee, another RSI in wrists, the other from Tinnitus.
It was very interesting as each one was healed in three stages, (all three were apart and not near each other) - three prayers and they were asked each time if there was any change and each person said after first prayer - 30% then second prayer 60% (one said 70%) then after third prayer 100%! So beautiful to see the look of amazement and the glow of God on their faces. Yes one received Jesus, two the baptism in the Holy Spirit the third already had.
So good I want every day to be like that, so that the whole world will hear the gospel sooner and Jesus can come back soon, to put an end to the wickedness of mankind.
Come Lord Jesus come soon.
GraHam Spooner

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Comment by felixpadua on March 23, 2009 at 6:16pm
nice sharing, Sir. thanks for this blog, i learn every time i am here.
Comment by Leonard T on March 23, 2009 at 5:12pm
PTL!. Thanks for sharing this encouraging testimony.

Lord Bless,

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