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God just spoke to my heart.   The other day I was talking to JM and in some way he referred to listening to the birds.  At that moment I had to stop all of the "jumbled mess" in my head to stop and listen, I am never aware that they are there.  I had to stop again this morning to listen to the birds.  Just now I sent a message thanking him for pointing that out to me, to listen to the birds, especially when my mind is battling itself and I can't think 2 good thoughts in a row.   Right when I sent it I thought "How do I not hear them, they're always there"? God spoke to me, not in an audible my heart and he said "You do not hear because you do not listen". 

My life is chaotic because of my mind.  I can have 2 Bibles open and trying to do a Bible study while i'm doing five other things at one time.  And somehow think that's the greatest thing I could be doing, because i'm trying "SO HARD"!  I just realized "no, it's NOT the greatest thing" and my efforts of "trying so hard" aren't working because I'm focusing in too many directions and getting nothing done.

I need to STOP and LISTEN to that "still small voice" that's always there but I do not listen to.

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