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Going deeper in worship is a huge topic, there is lots to read and
learn and discuss, but I've come to realise the first key thing is the
same as the first key with anything spiritual - FAITH. It sounds a bit
strange, because at first you don't really think about worship as being
something that requires a lot of faith. When we think of things needing
faith our mind tends to concentrate on prayer, healing, deliverance and
so on. But actually, going deep in worship depends on faith.

Hebrews 11:6 says "And without faith it is impossible to please God,
because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he
rewards those who earnestly seek him."

Whenever we come to worship - and want to go deeper - we must come in
faith. We must be expecting and believing that God will meet with us in
our worship, that He is willing and able to take us to a deeper place
of fellowship with Him. It helps to think of other scriptures, promises
He has made to us. The Psalms say that the Lord inhabits the praises of
His people, the book of James tells us when we "come near to God, he
will come near to us" and Jesus said "when two or three gather in my
name, I am there". If we remind ourselves of these things it will
increase our faith... it will help us to believe that God will meet
with us, that He will take us deeper and - as the verse from Hebrews
says - that is what is required to please Him and what will help to
take us into that deeper place.

So, in worship as in so many other spiritual things, it begins with
faith. The next time you come to worship remind yourself of those
scriptures - remind yourself that God wants to meet with you. He wants
to take you deeper. Stir up your faith to believe that He can and will
take you deeper in worship - come with an expectation of meeting Him in
a deeper way. Remember that God has done everything that is required in
order for you to come into His presence in a powerful way. Sometimes
the devil will try and remind us of sin, or tell us that we are not
spiritual enough to know God in a deep way. These things are lies, the
Bible says He forgives all those who confess their sins and truly
repent. He has done everything that is required to make a way for us to
come to Him. So, if you are reminded of sin, confess and repent and
then believe that God has cleansed and forgiven you and again stir up
your faith to believe He will meet with you. There is nothing that His
blood can not cover, and we are told his "grace is enough" for everyone
of us.

If you are leading other people in worship it's helpful to share these
things with them too. Its helpful to begin with confession, repentance
and then begin to stir up their faith (and your own) by talking about
the promises God has made.

There's more - especially if you are leading other people in worship or
are meeting with others to pray and worship and go deeper with God.
I'll try and write some more to you again soon.

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