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Imagine if Jesus wasn’t obedient, if He wasn’t loving, if He wasn’t willing. Imagine if Jesus was inconsiderate, if He was intolerant, if He was self-serving, if He was self-centered. Imagine if Jesus wasn’t available to the sick, didn’t pray for the sheep, was too good to socialize, if He thought He knew all that there was to know independent of God. Imagine if Jesus was in a clique and would never stray outside of His circle of friends, if He turned up His nose at sinners, if He hadn’t shared the Good News, if He had the mind of an ordinary man, if He had been conceited. Imagine if Jesus was a hustler, sold music in the church, sold books in the church, stole members from the church. Imagine if Jesus didn’t greet others, didn’t respect others, didn’t like others or didn’t even speak to other church members. My Lord, imagine if Jesus was a snob, if He thought Himself better than everyone else, if He would not listen, would not hear, would not attempt to understand. Imagine if Jesus gossiped on the street and in the church, if He offended others, if He did not rationalize or did not forgive. Imagine if Jesus did not explain, did not tell, did not teach, did not seek or did not care. Lord have mercy, imagine if Jesus did not give instruction, did not have time, did not make time, did not take time to feed the hungry, to perform miracles, to raise Lazarus from the dead, to teach His disciples the Beatitudes, to write the TEN COMMANDMENTS, to eat the Last Supper... Oh My Lord!!! Imagine if He didn’t have time TO DIE ON THE CROSS!!! IMAGINE THAT

JESUS WEPT (John 11:35)


KINGDOM COLLECTION copywrite 2009 D-Visions

Can’t you?


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