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So the other day I was praying in the morning and I thought, "Lord, I sure hope you have a good day (because I do think of the Lord as not just my Father, but my very good friend!) And then I kinda laughed to myself and thought 'wait, I don't think God has days and nights like I do' . . . I know he is not bound by time, but sees time in all one piece. Even Peter wrote, 'with the Lord a day is like a thousand years and a thousand years are like a day.'1 
Nonetheless, I continued on the theme of God as my Father, just for a moment thinking of an earthly parent/child relationship, like me with my kids, wondering ... 'God, what would please you to see in me? I there some way I could make your day great?' And thoughts rolled right out.
Maybe something in HOTWheeLS will resonate with you or challenge you in your life---hope so. (Remember, this is a prayer)  Interesting, one divine element came through yet again.  
Humility~ Lord, I shall endeavor to maintain a posture of humility, before you and with others, ready to listen to folks more carefully. I want to be teachable, ready to adapt and change, grow! 
Obedience~ God, you recently prompted me to make a personal change, and honestly, it felt like quite a sacrifice.  But since I knew it was from you, I obeyed; it was the only thing I could do!  How you love me and how little you ever ask of me, right?!  I remember you looked at your disciples and told them that if they love you, they would obey you, and that your beloved disciple
wrote "this is love: that we walk in obedience to his commands."2
Trust~  Ah Lord, thank you that I can trust you! You are a good, good Father. It is who you are - to your core.  Because you are good, because you are just, I can entrust all to you and trust that you make all things right-in the end.
The Ability to Actively Wait~ Those who wait on you will find new strength!3  With active patience, continuing to faithfully pray about what you have placed in my path (children who are far from you, loved ones who need healing, the dreams you have given me that seem impossible ... but for you!!) Yes, I will wait - but I         will be active in my waiting.
Listening  Sometimes my thoughts are childlike, God - like I was imagining overhearing a conversation you might have as the Trinity, o'er looking the whole world, even o'er looking just my life ... what things would you say?  And then it came to me!  You have expressed your thoughts about mankind and I do not have to overhear or position myself to eavesdrop--you expressly told me the very things I need and want to hear: I just need to read them in your word.  
And what's more - since prayer involves both speaking and listening, I should have a posture ready to hear from you!
which leads me to 'S'.  
Scripture: God, would you grow a greater love in me for your words-my Bible?  So that I may be compelled to read it daily, to learn it---what you say about how you know me and love me, purpose for me to live and love, that I may truly live by it.
The Bible:  love it, learn it, live it.
So, Lord - as I look at my HOTWheeLS, I realize this 'day' I want to bless you with as your child, this 'day' that I want you to enjoy?  This 'day' is not a 24-hour day that I know, but the living out of my life for you over the days that you have planned for me, however many they may be.  
God, may I bless you with 'A Great Day' by living boldly, faith-filledly, intentionally on purpose for you.
I know faith-filledly is not a word, but if I write 'faithfully', the sentiment gets lost. I want to live the kind of life that is filled with faith to do the things that are oft impossible to do as a mere human being, but are quite doable with the King. O, to live a day filled with faith at what God wants to do in me, through me and around me!
1 - 2 Peter 3.8
2 -2 John 1.6
3 - Isaiah 40.31

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