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I think I’m leaving in a little bit. Before I go, I simply wanted to tell you of some awesome things that have been happening. I’m a little young; I have to use someone else to write the words for me.
Just a few short weeks ago, this “guy”, I never saw His face, but, He must have been some Big Dude! Big because I recall the words He spoke…”I have big plans for you. I have loved you for since time began. I give you the Gift of Life.” WOW! He said that, exhaled, and all of the sudden; I felt this pounding in my chest. There was a strange tingle that went through my little arms, wait a minute, coooool, I have arms. I have legs. I even have fingers and toes on these hands and feet! They are tiny, but hey, they’re mine! That Guy said He gave them to me.
I really don’t understand where I am. I just know it’s so…loving feeling. I hear a bumping above my head. It feels like my own little heart but it just has a deeper sound to it and doesn’t quite bump as fast. It’s dark. No light. Well, that’s stupid to say, I don’t think I have eyes just yet. It’s all mushy feeling. As I describe it, it may seem strange for you to understand but I feel so secure and safe being where I’m at.
What’s really weird, I never seem to be hungry. I think I have a mouth but nothing really goes into it. My little belly never cramps or growls because of being empty. I just simply seem to feel by belly filling on its own from time to time. Since I have no taste, I’ll simply trust that what is filling my belly is good for me.
On occasions, I feel pressure on me. Just because I have a hand, as small as it is, it resembles my own, just a bigger one pressing on the outside of me. I can’t see but I know beyond a doubt that it’s something that is special to me. I can’t help but think I will like this person whoever owns it. The hand feels so gentle, so sweet, and so loving.
From time to time, my little finger grabs a hold of this goofy feeling contraption on the side of my head. I discovered today that I actually have two of them. Imagine that! I don’t know what they are there for. Oh well, I didn’t feel it, I couldn’t touch it, but I heard a voice. The voice from what I’m hearing, (mind you, these words have to be written by someone else, I’m a little incapable of doing so for myself right now), sounds feminine. Oh my gosh, how soothing it is to hear, especially when I feel the bigger hand pressing on me. It says things like “I don’t know what to call you”. I really don’t know what it means but I just know deep down, it’s something that I can trust and I hear it often. I heard the other day something for the first time. It said, “I don’t know what to do with you.” Clueless what that meant. I just know I heard it and made me want to take a short nap as it relaxed me so.
This morning, I noticed something different. The deep bumping I heard above my head seemed to be a little faster. The loving hand that I had felt so often seemed to be pressing on me a little harder today. Also new, the pleasant sounding voice that I had heard that soothed me so seems to be all choppy and broken up. I’m sorry, I know that I ain’t very big, I can’t eat on my own, there must be so many things that I’ve yet to experience, so, this voice seems so strange to hear in this manner.
I’m hearing the feminine voice but it is joined by a much deeper sounding voice. It’s too far away for me to understand the words, DUH, I don’t have a vocabulary yet. The voices are both getting so elevated and the feminine voice seems to be so much choppier now. Tell you what, just a minute while I- UUmph, just let, ahh I think…almost got it.. there. Let me push on this mushiness to maybe quite them down so I can help the author get these words down for me since I CAN’T WRITE Yet.. you doophus!
Well, they really didn’t quite down much. I’m kinda sloshing a bit back and forth. Although it’s not very roomy in here, there must be some moving around going on. I heard something about a “clinic” being said so I reckon that’s where I’m headed. I look forward to meeting the owner of the hands I feel pressing on me. I can hardly wait to see the face of where that such sweet, soothing voice came from. Hey, I may even meet you some day! Wouldn’t that be cool? Oh, well I think I have to go now.
PS> That Guy I spoke of above, He just popped in. He introduced Himself to me. He said His name is God. Maybe you can help with this. I didn’t really understand. He said “ I am sorry My child. I breathed life into you as I had big plans for your future. However, the flesh that I entrusted you to was given choices and they neglected to hear Me. Therefore, I will bring you to MY HOME where you will be loved and cherished forever.” What was He talking about? Oh well, reckon I’ll find out soon enough. Gotta go.

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Comment by Soldier on December 7, 2010 at 7:29pm
Yes Macky, that was kinda the point the "child" was trying to make. They are the innocent. All they know how to do is live, eat, and breath. God loves them so! I just don't understand people in how they think "they" have the right to take what God has given. You oughta view the video MS Linda posted below. Truly the Hand of God at work. Thank you MS Linda for posting it.
Comment by MYu on December 7, 2010 at 6:52pm
Like what I said in FB, this reminded me of the anti-abortion movie they showed us in high school... wherein the baby was so comforted by the environment in the womb of its mother, trusting and relying on her for comfort and security, when suddenly, cold steel (instruments) started poking it, bruising it, beating it... as it screamed (silent) to the mother for help. This is one of my non-negotiables, respect for life among other things. Thanks for sharing! (",)
Comment by Soldier on December 7, 2010 at 10:46am
With the loss of a child of my own (2006), seeing so many babies at Children's Medical Center, Dallas, Texas when Tucker was there for his surgeries, that are struggling for as simple as their very next breath, my heart was so saddened. I cant beleive that we, as a society worldwide, have the nerve, the very nerve, to take a life that GOD the ALMIGHTY grants, and simply through out in the garbage. How can God love us if this is the way we treat HIS most precious gift?

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