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There was a young man who was a freshman at the university of Tenneessee. The young man was a Christain and a firm beliver in God. However he was afraid. He was required to take a class that was required for graduation on evolution and he was told by several diffrent students on campus that the proffesor that taught the class was and atheist and spent the entire semester convinceing students that God didnt exist. The young man prayed very hard the night before his first day of class that his faith would not be shaken and for streanth.

 The next morning when the proffesor walked into the class room he asked all students who belived in God to stand up. More than 1/2 of the class stood up and the professor shouted "YOU FOOLS!" He held up a piece of chalk from the chalk bored for the class to observe and said "If God is real then he can take this piece of chalk out of my hand and break it". Nothing happend and the professor laughed and began to teach his class.

The young man prayed everynight and his faith stayed strong.

The very last day of class the proffesor asked "Now, if anyone in here STILL belives in God stand up" No one but the young man stood up. The proffesor was in shock. Out of all the years he had been teaching no one had ever stood up at the end of his class. He shouted "YOU STUPID FOOL!!! HAVE I TAUGHT YOU NOTHING!?" He again held up another piece of chalk and said "If God exists then he can take this piece of chalk out of my hand and break it" He waited for a moment and began laughing histarically. Just then, as the young man still stood, the piece of chalk sliped out of his hand,rolled down his arm and shattered to the floor. Amazed the proffesor ran out of the class room, quit his job and has yet to be heard from,

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