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God please i don't want to be cheated again. I know i have done so many miseable things and i do believe in karma and i know i deserve such things. But i don't want to be cheated now. I hate lyings. I believe in honesty. So its gonna hurt me if i ever got to know that he is hurting me. Please God don't let me see this. If i have to see, just show it to me now God. God it will be so bad if i got to know when it will be too late. I want to see the truth. Please God,if he is lying to me, just get him out of my life now itself and if not then help me to cope up with the obstacles. Without You,i am nothing. God You give me strength. You give me power. With You i am powerful enough to fight with any struggles. Please God show me the right thing. Please now God. I don't wanna be lied God. Love You God. Amen..

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