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Today I met with an accident but nothing happened nor to me nor my friends. My family has faced the grief of losing my brother and I really don't want my parents to lose their daughter too. I saw their concern when I told that I met with an accident. They were horrified. Though it was small,for them it was like a disaster. I know I am exaggerating but whatever or however their concern was,it was terrifying. They never wanna lose me too. They will die if I die. And God knows that. He saved me today. But it was not only me whom He saved. It was also my parents. Yeah sometimes I feel that I want to be in a big car aacident. Not because I am suicidal or something because the caring,the love,the pampers I will be getting while I will be in hospital but I don't wanna die. And God always saves me from any danger. Thank you God so much. Thank you for being by my side forever and anytime. Amen.

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