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God i don't have much to say but i love You so much. And i won't be able to survive without You on this earth. Please God i want to think positive but my mind keeps on thinking negative things. Please help me. Keep me away from negativity. I love You Lord. Amen..

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Comment by journeyman on March 17, 2018 at 11:09am

Hello my dear friend. May I ask some questions? Who do you say Jesus is? Do you believe that Jesus died for us? Do you believe in your heart that Jesus defeated death by rising from the dead after three days when he died on the cross? Are repenting (changing) how you live? Do continue to turn from sin? 

This "way" of journeying to God is not hard to understand but, it is hard to do. We are by our very nature sinners. Our ancestors Adam and Eve fell from God's grace. Answer my questions for yourself and God. Let yourself be silent or still with him.


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