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If we would fill ourselves so full of God....there would be no room for the devil.  We let God slip out little by little and the devil slips in little by little.  Keep full of God and the devil has no where to slip in!  And when he tries, pour a little more God in!!!

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Comment by Ricprimus on May 13, 2013 at 11:30am

I was always caught in a battle between a set of Presbyterian Scottish grandparents and the set being Irish Catholics; mom and dad compromised by both switching from their lifelong denominations to being Missouri synod Lutherans, essentially Catholic teachings without the authority of Rome. Faith for me always was an active personal force even as I strayed. My search always through scholastic means, I suppose my art has been a result of trying to achieve some sort of personal relationship with God; I certainly have had one with the Devil (herself?). Well, continual struggle to muddle through it all, someday God will complete the struggle for inner peace.


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