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Heavenly Father of mine; Can we talk? You see; its not so much that I need any material things; l Because I already know You'll supply all my needs according to Your riches in heaven; but You see Father what I need most of all is that a close friend of mine is hurting really bad, because of something I've done, something I've said, or didnt say. And I dont like how i'm feeling right now; or the reactions I am having. Can You please help me with this problem, This one request of mine? Dear God, My friend really gives of themself, of every fiber of their being, their possessions; untill they have little to give themselves. Dear Father, Can You just take a moment of Your busy day to show them some love from me? Let them see that I am not a perfect person; I too am human, and yes, I too fall short of Your graces, Father. You see I try So hard sometimes to a fault even; to fix things that really should be left in Your Almighty hands; and not impose my will on someone elses situation/ circumstances. My Dear Father; I need your guidance; Your Will to be done in this instance, because its So much bigger, so much greater than little me can handle. You see; my friend has been hurt; and let down so many times in their life, that the've built up a brick wall around themselves, and their own little world; they have kept the outside world at a distance; at arms length most all of their life. This destitute child in their innocence yet has difficulty trusting, reacting to outsiders; Who may try to enter their own indomitable unyeilding comfort zone of indifference. Their Very Existence has depended so much on this constant mistrust, that they've clung to it all these many years.
This child has not been used to actually, truly, and completely being, fully 'LOVED' by anyone outside of their fortress walls. Father; if I can Only do one thing, for my Best friend heavenly Father; whether You Bless this friendship with this person I care for deeply or not; I ask that You Heal them; Mind, Body, And especially their Soul as You deem necessary, so they may tear down that wall of indifferent-resistance that has built up during their lifetime. And let them have a LOve that is So great; and So Gloriously Magnificent as the Almighty Love that exists in heaven.

I want their every waking moment, every minute, every second of their day filled with this all consuming Love I know exists in the heavenly realm; to feel so utterly enraptured, to experience this kind of Tranquility, and all encompassing Peace!~
You see my Lord, they've had So few glimmers of hope and light shining down into their life; that they dont really know how to express, or to act in this openness of Pure love; they elude from it; It is foreign to them Father.

Please my Father; I one day long to share this kind of unselfish love with them; to be there every step of the way, side by side them; Sharing, Walking, Talking in Your Love.
Our hopes, Our dreams, Our fears. Working side by side for Your Greater good; Your Ultimate purpose and goal for our lives, our very existence. I want to breathe in Your presence Every time!~,...

I look at my friend and see the God that shines forth through them. I want to faint when I see them; because it will be as though the Fathers LOve has filled the room entirely and cannot contain the Holy Spirits Essence; fearing the roof may suddenly blow!!! I want to feel as Moses felt before the burning bush. I want the Soul stirring, Earth shaking feeling, and Mighty presence of mind, body, and Soul when simply being around this person. Because they are so special to You Father,...

And though I too have been abused as a child; I kept some of the goodness in me through each trial, each persecution. I decided to keep the flicker of hope alive that there was still some spark of humanity left in the world to give back; To change the hearts and minds of at least a few of Your children; even if I saved but one back to You Father.

Nonetheless; I wish to help my special friend no matter what the consequence to self, or well being.
Because you see Father; at least I have been able to see, feel, and taste Your Goodness all around me ever present through most of my days. For You were with me, I felt You, I saw your gentle signs, felt your very presence beside me the whole way through; In nature, the sky, in all youve created; All youve allowed to happen to me, done to me, and done for me.`

I am Nothing without You Father; nothing without Your Saving Grace, and mercies to guide me; I am nothing without the Almighty hand that leads me on my path and journey to the heavenly realm.
And so You see Dear God, and Father I humbly, meekly ask of You to take my life, and use it to Your Greater good and not mine; I humbly ask that You take my life and exchange it with my friends; So they may see but a glimpse of what heaven holds for them.

Because I know we cannot enter through the heavenly gates, unless we have but Pure Love in our hearts; and { I So want this friend to be there with You one day my LOrd.} Take away any bitterness that has kept my friend in bondage; Set their entire being free; that they may once again unabashedly serve You with a renewed vigor. Refresh thier Soul...
I ask Your Will be Done, and Not mine Father; as I wait for that still small voice,...

Let me know You've heard my plea, and graced my friend accordingly. I Thank You for Everything, and in everything; but especially for my friend who is so very special to me too my Father. And if it is Your Will to grant my petition; Would You Mind giving em a kiss on the cheek for me?,...

Ever Your child, Seeking thy face!~


Original post;Jan15th,2009; time 19:30am MST/MDT

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