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for every birth will sooner or later come a death

we were born once,little did we know that day,coming out of our mothers what would lie ahead for us. this thing called life which is like a roller coaster filled with ups and downs.its not christ and the lord that make life hard.its the god of this world satan and the people who are sadly more like him.evil,selfish,uncaring,unhelpful,judgemental,materialistic,biased,self centered.yes the likes of satan and these people can make life a challenge and will frustrate us.without jesus and god we are really lost.let me give credit to the decent people out there,i just wish everyone was that would make life a whole lot easier.i think christ and god wanted life to be like heaven,but satan leaving god,adam and eve and the people who messed up gods free will,is what made life hard.yes faith can overcome this.its going to more and likely take christ return to save this troubled world. we all must face death someday,when my time comes i want heaven and finally meeting jesus christ and the lord will be great.seeing satan and indecent people defeated will be so rewarding.good will prevail in the end,while evil will fail. thats wonderful news for a true believer.

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