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Everything changes but not God's love.

Do you think one day our God will love us more. He has already love us so much. Even though we are good or bad, He will always love us infinitely. His love will never change because He always want us to be His children. Whatever He does for us is for our benefits. If our life sucks,it simply means that God is testing us and helping us to be more and more strong to tackle with our wicked surroundings. Whenever we are in a negative situation,we directly point God for our struggles and sufferings but do we ever remember God when we are happy and successful. But God doesn't mind. He will love us eaxctly the same way and will always want good for us. He is not fickle as us. He loves us all equally. So be like God. Because He is the God and He wants us to be like Him. By being the only living God,if He can love js than why being a simple person can make us love the person as same as us. We are no one and we are not in a position to judge others. We are no one to tell that a person is bad and we can't talk with them. We are the people of tje world and people don't get the right to judge people. Love like God and be like God. Amen..

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