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Does Depression Look the Same Around the World? by Ed Welch

"If you experience peculiar sadness, and you are persuaded that God is with you and, through his love, is making you increasingly fruitful, your emotional limp will be less noticeable."


"Our cultural narrative for depression is that it is a mental illness best treated with medication and some cognitive restructuring. This hasn’t always been the way we have interpreted depression, and it won’t always be the reigning interpretation. Even though the Western view of modern psychiatry is establishing hegemony around the world, and more and more cultures are getting in step with modern diagnoses, the psychiatric narrative is incomplete and dissatisfying. It ignores our familial, cultural and religious settings, and its treatments are by no means making us a mentally healthier society."



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Comment by Ruel Z Chavez on June 24, 2011 at 11:33pm



How I long to see that day that I will no longer be affected by that "cruel heartbreak," experience that "victorious feeling" and that joy in the morning. I felt the same...wanted to die but not to the point of taking my own life.


Sorry to hear about your Dad and your brother. 


Thank you for that reminder that Jesus in us will help us through.


Grace and peace! :-)

Comment by Ruel Z Chavez on June 24, 2011 at 11:32pm

Yes Ama, I think I am really tired. I am just trying to ignore it but the pain is still there. I am thinking that perhaps my economic situation complicates my mental and emotional struggles. All I am praying now is to have a work but I am still worried if I could perform my tasks as expected. I am seeking for help in this regard but it appears to me that almost everyone is trying to avoid me. Thank you! :-)





Comment by Ruel Z Chavez on June 24, 2011 at 10:16am

I am tired of it. I thought it's already gone but from time to time it's returning. How I pray that it will let me go or I will let it go once and for all, :-)


"It sounds strange – let go of pain. Who would want to hold on to it? But we are complicated people. Sometimes pain grabs us and it won’t let go; sometimes it grabs us and we grab it right back. And we have our reasons."


Thank you Amanda. Thank you Michelle.

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