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Have you accept the fact that good and bad days are just going to be part of our life. You know sometimes we have this invisible attitude  that just because we are christians that we are not suppose to go through bad days. As the word of God says in Psalm 30:6-7-When things were quiet and life was easy, I said in arrogance,
    “Nothing can shake me.” By Your grace, Eternal,
    I thought I was as strong as a mountain;
But when You left my side and hid away,
    I crumbled in fear.  We live in this fallen world and things have not be made new yet,until Jesus comes back restores it again  back to its former glory.AS the word of God says in Revelation 21:10-11-He took me in a Spirit-inspired trance to a great, high mountain, and he showed me the holy city, Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God.The city had God’s glory. Its brilliance was like a priceless jewel, like jasper that was as clear as crystal.Let's face it  that when the fall of Adam the world has not been made right,it still has not been put in order yet .People still get sick, marriages are on the rock,children are disobedient, people still kill other people, injustice is done constantly. So what are you suppose to do? I would say welcome it,not to a point where you get bitter at God and resentful.But realize that we live in a fallen world. And until we enter paradise when all things are made new. We have to accept the good and bad. As the word of God says in Ecclesiastes 6:14-When times are good, enjoy the good; when times are bad, consider: God has made the former as well as the latter so that people can’t discover anything that will come to be after them. We live in a world of uncertainty  but through these days  whether  good or bad. We are still call to trust in the Lord.  WHy you ask because are times are in his hands . AS the word of God says in Psalm 31:14-15-But me? I trust you, Lord!
    I affirm, “You are my God.”  My future is in your hands. There is nothing  we can do when bad days come as far as changing.But we have Good shepherd that can lead us to green pastures and guides us along the paths of righteousness.As the word of God says in Psalm 23:2-3-He lets me rest in grassy meadows;
    he leads me to restful waters; He guides me in proper paths
    for the sake of his good name. You know don't let the pride of life creep in that tells you that you don't deserve this. Remember what Jesus said to us as he said in Matthew 10:24-“Disciples aren’t greater than their teacher, and slaves aren’t greater than their master. You have to keep Jesus center so when those days do come you can still be standing through the troubles. As the word of God says in Matthew 7:25-The rain fell, the floods came, and the wind blew and beat against that house. It didn’t fall because it was firmly set on bedrock.ANd that bedrock is Jesus. You know the bible says when hard times come we should pray.SO don't let bad days cause you not to  go to Jesus in prayer. As the word of God says in Romans 12:12-Be happy in your hope, stand your ground when you’re in trouble, and devote yourselves to prayer. You still can have rejoice when trouble comes.Because the Holy Spirit we filled you with joy and hope. AS the word of God says in Romans 15:13-May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in faith so that you overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.And mostly you can ask God to give you strength to.Hey he is your source of life. Call upon him through the good and bad.God bless you in Jesus Name. AMen

If you want a relationship with Jesus says this prayer:Lord Jesus you are my sacrifice  that God will only accept. I believe in my heart that Jesus is Lord and that God did raised you from the dead. And through you have made me alive and you have taken all my offenses and nail them to the cross. And that you have been glorified and you go to the Father .You promise to send the Holy Spirit.I believe Lord Jesus that my sins are forgiven and I have the Holy Spirit in Jesus Name.Amen

Praise God you are a new creation.Go to a God fearing church,get a New  King James version bible, read your bible daily, pray daily and fellowship with the body of  Christ. God bless you in Jesus Name.Amen

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