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In your majesty ride forth victoriously in behalf of truth , humility and righteousness: let your right hand display awesome deeds. Psalm 45:4

What a wonderful word for me today. As the scripture came to mind I was praying that the Lord would display his wonderful, awsesome, and marvelous deeds on this earth. I stand in full faith that God wants to release the declarations of heavens goodness on his children. The earth as a whole, that those who don’t believe may believe. It is our duty, our obligation to pray for His kingdom to come on this earth as He declared in the heavens. Why then are we holding the goodness of the Lord to ourselves? I’m surely guilty some days I pray to just make it through. In all honesty, I believe I will make it through becasue of He who dwells in me will see to it, but what about the one who has no earthly clue. I’m so stuck on self when there are so many lost souls that need to see, hear and taste the goodness of the Lord that they may be fully convinced that He is Jehovah.

Father I pray that in your majesty you ride forth victoriously, conquering every lost soul destined by you. In behalf of truth, humility and righteousness allow my life to reflect you and shine before all men as a light on the hill. Let your powerful and redeeming right hand display awesome deeds, that the deaf will hear, the blind will see, and the lame may walk as you have declared in the heavens. I pray this in agreement with your word that brings life to dead bones and health to broken bodies, amen

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