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REACH TILL JESUS COMES! A minister’s spouse also “preaches”a messageof comfort, encouragement and peaceThey allow the home to be a haven of restAnd their prayer life doesn’t ceaseMinisters are anoint…

A minister’s spouse also “preaches”a message

of comfort, encouragement and peace

They allow the home to be a haven of rest

And their prayer life doesn’t cease

Ministers are anointed to preach, with power and with love

Trusting in God’s wisdom & His strength from above

Not with wisdom of words, but they preach Christ crucified

He is the hope of glory, and in Him they promise to abide

Compelling souls to come, saying it loud and clear

“Jesus Christ is coming soon, the last days are truly here

Repent, Be baptised in Jesus’ Name, receive the Holy Ghost,”

They were all born in sin, so none have room to boast

Preaching the acceptable year of the Lord

Repent!! the kingdom of heaven is at hand

Drawing sinners to Calvary, to save the souls of man

They each have their times of testing, and their tribulations too

But they put their cares into God’s hands, and advise the same for you

Through fasting, prayer and meditation and study of God’s Word

Their lives are totally surrendered and from heaven they have heard

Yes, they preach the gospel, and not themselves;

but much necessity is laid,

They abuse not their power,

so the presence of God’s glory won’t fade

They have been chosen by God and rejected by some

These ministers are going to preach until Jesus comes

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