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Your Bible is a personal gift from God.

When I joined the United States Marine Corps myself and all of the recruits received in boot camp a guide which the drill instructors called our "red monster". In it was all of the information we as Marines would need to live and get by as new Marines. We had to carry the book with us at all times. We had to read it whenever we found ourselves waiting for something like a class or a training session. We were told to memorize the information because we would be tested on it and our jobs as Marines were hinged on every word in this book. The red monster was to become very close to us.

The Bible is certainly not a red monster. But, it is a very personal and critical part of who we are as Christians just as the red monster was to me and my fellow Marines. I have found that God's word to me is as crucial to me as oxygen for living. The very closeness of God's teaching makes reading and studying it like breathing to me. My prayer for you is that you discover the personal closeness of God's word in his book the Bible.

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Comment by Tammy on May 24, 2017 at 12:49pm

First of all, thank you so much for serving JM. I never knew. And then the Marines too? Few good men. Awesome word here.

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