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Understand his Will

Bible Verses About God's Will

Therefore do not be unwise, but understand what the will of the Lord is --- Ephesians 5:17

Faith begins where the will of God is known.

If you don’t understand God’s will, how can you have faith in what He wants to do in your life?

Scripture says that when we understand His will, we are wise.

How do you know what God’s will is?

By reading and studying His…


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11 Bible health rules:

A. Eat your meals at regular intervals, and do not use animal fat or blood.

"Eat in due season." Ecclesiates 10:17. "It shall be a perpetual statute ... that ye eat neither fat nor blood." Leviticus 3:17.

Note: Recent scientific studies have confirmed the fact that most heart attacks result from a high cholesterol level in the blood, and that the use of "fats" is largely responsible for this high level. It looks like the Lord knows what He is talking about after…


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Inspiring but trueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

The Sneeze

They walked in tandem, each of the ninety-two students filing into the already crowded auditorium. With their rich maroon gowns flowing ... and the traditional caps, they looked almost as grown up as they felt.

Dads swallowed hard behind broad smiles, and Moms freely…


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Sickness hmmm lol

"And God saw everything that he had made, and, behold, it was very good." (Genesis 1:31)

90% of all Christian sickness and physical suffering being experienced today is due to the violation of God's natural laws.

God meant life to be very simple, basic, and beautiful as man walked in closeness to God's creation.

Man has corrupted God's ways.

To sustain life, four basic ingredients are necessary

  1. AIR…

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“… The living God, Who gives us richly all things to enjoy.” ------ I Timothy 6:17

The creation is the handiwork of “the happy God.” All about us is a rich bounty of beauty and wonder. To the natural man it all seems but vanity, but we who live in the very life of God are able to enjoy all that God has so richly given to us.

Enjoy life! Wake up every morning and bask in the goodness and grace of “the happy God” Who lives in us! Embrace His joy as our…


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No man has ever seen, heard or even imagined the wonderful things God has in store for those who love the Lord (I Corinthians 2:9)

No matter where you are in life right now, God has much more in store for you. God wants to take you to new levels in every area of your life. He wants to give you more wisdom so you can make better decisions. He wants to give you a stronger anointing so you can have greater influence. He wants to bless you financially so you can be a blessing to others. Don't get stuck in the same old rut - there is so much more to life! God has new frontiers for you to explore and higher mountains to climb! I… Continue

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