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Time to fix

Scriptural readings:  Genesis 1:1-2; Romans 8:38-39;28

Genesis 1

v.1  In the beginning God created the …


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No pain, no gain.

Pain is inevitable and to live with it everyday is a part of our lives whether it is physical pain or emotional pain.  Sometimes it comes to us as a sacrifice in order for us to survive. Popping a pill would sometimes do the magic but definitely not the answer. Seeing other people suffer is another thing. This is a different kind of pain. We have to admit it that every time we pray we always include the removal of any pain from us and for others as well.

The problem we are…


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Will this fit you?

Scriptural Readings: Acts 9:16, Phil 1:20-21, Luke 18:25,28-30

One thing for sure that will make your day is when from out of the blue you meet someone that you really wanted to see. More likely to happen next will probably be spending the rest of the day with that person. The next best thing that you might do is making sure that you're going to get in touch in the most convenient time for this person. Right?

What if you…


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Have you known Jesus?....

Interesting and strangely enough these questions have always been questions for everyone. Who is Jesus Christ? Is He for real? Is He God? Time and time again a lot of people would like to disprove this reality and yet He has been the source of life to many who had been wandering for almost their entire life. For whatever reason, even before we would like to make and start an argument of this reality, He is already in our mind and heart. One has to admit it.

God exist inside and…


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Time is up

We all know that God has always something for us (thrills me a lot!) to accomplish and this will of course involve our time. To carry out these things we have to make this time as His time. One question that will pop out in your mind instantly is "How can I do that"? "I do not even have the time for myself". Yes, time is important and some of us think that it should not be undivided. We must admit it, we are now living in the busiest time ever. Even God has a time frame(Genesis…


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Where are we in here?

Scriptural Readings: John 8:3-11,15

As Christians our spiritual status is of utmost importance. In our Christian life our faith should not be hanging on a thin line. It should be anchored on a strong foundation. Our faith plays one of the biggest part in our spiritual life. Once we compromise it we let and give the enemy a foothold on us.

John 8:3-5

v.3 And the scribes and Pharisees brought unto him a…


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