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Feeling fortunate.

I feel so fortunate to have God in my life. He gives me everything I asked for. I can't ask anything more than what I have. To be honest, before I was a bit of discouraged. But after discovering the true self of God, I can't be more thankful. God chosed me. This sentence makes me feel so blessed. This sentence was said once by my friend. And from that day onwards, I just can't forget this snetence. It was so wonderful and melodious just like a beautiful song. Just be blessed when God gives you… Continue

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God is so true to be true.

God never leaves me alone. He is always there for me. He always loves me by His full heart. He is the one that I count upto. He sent many angels for me. First my parents. They love me too much and I feel lucky to have them as my parents. Yeah I faced lots of troubles. My brother died. My family was in misery. Is still in misery. We will never come out of this. But apart from this, we are fortunate enough because we have God to look after us. Second is my bestfriend Yang. Yang told me everything… Continue

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My life is nothing without God. Everybody's life is nothing without God.

It takes time to realise that God is everything. But when you realise,He will be everything. Love like Him is nowhere to be found. Nothing is more good than Him. The world won't be here if He were not there. But still people don't understand this. Once I have debated with my friend "scientist v/s God". How come scientist be the maker and the pioneer of this. God made scientists. He gave the scientist the materials for making the existing technologies,the existing advanced technologies. He… Continue

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God is the only living God.

God, our God is the only living God and no other unrealistic and fictional gods deserves to be in His place or be called by His name. I just feel so angry when my friends tell me to believe in their mythological things. If I said no it means no. Why they even try me to get into their things and believe in their things. In my hostel I am the only christian and my friends even take my bible when they are afraid but why they do so. They don't even believe You God My Father. It feels so annoying.… Continue

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Just believe

I have seen many incidents in my own life. If you believe God,He will give you every opportunity to let your trust grow everyday. He talks with me. I can feel it. He talks with me indirectly by somebody else's body. And if feels good. It feels amazing to talk with your father everyday. Just believe Him. I just want to say,believe Him by your full heart. Amen

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Its time.

The time has already came and its knocking at our doors. We really need to get up and choose God as our savior. We need to open our eyes and see the truth inside evrything. The people who have opened theirs eyes,I am not at all worried about them. But I am terrified by thinking about the people who have not known about God till now. Even my parents are one of them. How will I let them know. They have followed Hinduism from their birth and they are so big enough now that I can't change their… Continue

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Please help me to learn about christianity.

Its a very shameful thing that being a christian,I still don't know much about it. I want to learn so much. Please can anyone of you can give me lessons about it. I don't have a church where I can learn and this site is so good. I want to learn from beginning to end. Everything. I don't want any confusion. Confusion is bad. And little knowledge is very dangerous. So I want to learn everything.

Added by Ananya on July 29, 2017 at 9:16am — 1 Comment

Its such a blessing that we have God in our life.

Truly,I am so thankful that I got to know about the true living God rather thank believing on the unreal ones. Don't know how God helped me to get closer to Him. In a very short period,I became so close to Him and it felt really good. It felt blessed. Never been so happy to know anyone. I just wish that how I came to know about Him, others must too know about Him,who doesn't know yet. I was not a born christian but now I am a true christian and there's no bigger gift than this. And this… Continue

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God truly helps. Just trust Him.

Just today is another day of my life. I am always about to break my promise. Evil coming to my mind and saying that God is allowing ypu to break the promise and by this, i am always about to break it. But I have to admit,God really does help. HE always help me and make me stop from breaking it. It amazes me everyday. HE always amazes by His miracles,His doings and everything. Just you need to trust Him and leave everything to God, He will help you pass your troubles and bring in that position… Continue

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Blindness of people by evils.

Evils have such powers and thus uses it for all of his benefits. He wants us to be his believers and he is winning. We are letting him win. We are blinded by his power. We know what evil want us to know. Even I as a believer of God sometimes doubt that how can this be this if God is real. How can a person(astrologers) predict our future and can be true. How that if a person of hindu religion prays to the hindu God that he may success in life and he triumphs? We all have that doubt. But I just… Continue

Added by Ananya on July 26, 2017 at 7:13am — 3 Comments

Its very hard. Please jesus help me.

Jesus its very difficult for me to do it alone. It is becoming harder and harder each and every day. More pasing days more and more difficulties. Why is it so difficult God? I want to be your true child but the barriers are too hard to break. The temptation is too much to handle God. Help me. Without you I won't be able to continue. I just can't bear it anymore. The evil is tempting me in everyway. I just need your help. A little is enough because it is from you God. I just need your help so… Continue

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The first question that arises in my mind is who is the idol for us? Whom we idolise? Do we idolise God? Do you think we idolise God? Yeah many do but most of doesn't. We idolise the people. We idolise the people of the world. Why we do so? Do that people gave us birth or gave us the love of God? Why we need to idolise the people. We are the people. We idolise the people like they are the God. We idolise money. We idolise musicians,singers,billionaires. We idolise what evil want us to idolise.… Continue

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The conquering of evil spirit on the world.

The evil had conquered the world on that point when people themselves want to follow evil things. In our everyday life we are surrounded by evil things. We want to follow them. Unknowingly or knowingly we follow them. It has become an addiction for the people to do and follow up evil things. Evil have conquered the mind of the littlest to the biggest people. Nowadays the teenage and adult mind wants to own the world like the evil want. What point do we see from this? The people of today are the… Continue

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Love and kindness

Loving kindness must be the main thing to be followed by the people of God. Giving love to others is a must thing. We make enemies. Its a basic thing and we can't stop ourselves from it. But if we are full of hatreds,we are no near to God. Love everyone so that we can be God's child. Amen..

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Thankfulness. Its a beautiful word and we have to be very thankful to God in every ways because what He offers us is everything compared to what the mundane world delivers us. While we pray always remember to thank God because we are alive with our beautiful family. Even though we are in trouble or facing lots and lots of struggle,its nothing compared to what Jesus suffered for us. We are blessed with everything. We have two eyes to see the miracles of God,one mouth to speak miraculous things… Continue

Added by Ananya on July 21, 2017 at 12:01pm — 1 Comment

Faith is the biggest power


What is it? Faith is the most powerful weapon you can have for yourself. In this mundane world,people have money,richness and by this they think they have everything. But they forget the very one who gave them this. We people of this world are filled with selfish greeds. Faith has nothing to do with the people of this world. Faith has far gone. In the most struggle times,if we still hold on to God and let God do what He wants from us,He will deliver us with the greatest gift we… Continue

Added by Ananya on July 20, 2017 at 7:37am — 1 Comment

Struggles of controlling my addiction.

Everyday its a very big struggle to control my addiction and sometimes I feel that I am dying. I am fighting so hard and I know God is with me in my every small to big journey. I have been addicted to this from my childhood. And now it is becoming so hard to control it and today again I am having the feeling of breaking my promise and doing my addiction. In that moment God comes in my mind and I stop myself from doing it. The satan from all his power tempting me so badly. And everytime I let… Continue

Added by Ananya on July 19, 2017 at 5:40am — 2 Comments

Redemption and forgiveness

Redemption is a big thing to do and I am here to redeem from my mistakes and turn completely into God. I have done lots of mistakes which cannot be forgiven easily but I confessed infront of my God and He forgave me for all of my sins. I am still not perfect in controlling my addiction. Its very hard. I don't want to be addicted to this but to God. He is perfect. He loves us unconditionally and I want to do the same to Him. But my addiction has been a big barrier even while writing this I am… Continue

Added by Ananya on July 18, 2017 at 7:45am — 2 Comments

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