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Ananya's Blog – September 2017 Archive (17)

God show me the right direction.

God I want Your guidance in everything. My choices are very difficult and it's hard to identify which is right and which is wrong. God You are my guardian and You are the only one whom can I trust blindly. I don't know what to do without You. I believe in You fully with my whole heart. You are the only one who will completely show us the right direction. You will never show the wrong direction to anyone. Faith is fully on You. I love You God so much. Thank You God for everything. Amen..

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God help me in my struggles.

I belong from a Hindu family but I follow Christianity. So it's very difficult to not do the things my parents say me to do. They don't follow Christianity. They tell me to pray in mandirs. They tell me to follow Hindu rituals. And I am not at all interested in these things. I always fight with my parents for these things when they tell me to pray in mandirs or whatever. But I hate fighting my parents but I can't do anything except for fighting. I love my parents but I don't follow their… Continue

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God I love You so much

God I love You so much. I don't know how to express it but I know that I love You the most. You are the most important part of my life. And I would be nothing without You. I am just a vain person without you in my life. God I am gonna do everything to let You know how much important You are for me. You are my life and I know that I will always follow You and love You by my heart. I love You so much and I live for You. Saying isn't just enough. Action shows and my actions will always be for You.… Continue

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Let the light shine on you.

We are in the darkest side of the world. We love darkness and we are letting it consume us. Let the light shine on you. Don't let the darkness consume you. God is the light. Let God enter your life and consume your world. He is the one that will guide you in the rightest path. He will show you the light if life and after life. I don't know whether what I am writing is right or wrong but what I feel I just write. I don't know much about God but I want to learn more and more about God. I want God… Continue

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Help me to see the truth God.

God I want to see the truth in everything. I don't want to be blinded by the lies behind. The truth is the only thing I want to see and I want other people to see. The world is full of lies but You are the only truth and You are not of this world. Eyes of the people are always blinded by the lies. Many people don't want to see the truth. Because truth is difficult to face and I am ready to face it if it means living with You God. Lies can be found anywhere but truth are the most peaceful thing… Continue

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God thank You for everything.

God today was a great day. You are the reason for my great day. I have never thought that I would get the thing which I got today. It is been a pleasure. It has only been possible because of You. God I don't know why I love him so much but I do. You have always been there with me in my dilemma. Please help me to solve this too. But whatever I got today,it was too good and I never expected to be good but it has been because of You. Thank You God so much. Love You God. Amen..

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God help me to be a good person.

God I want to be a very good person just as like You want. You want me to be a person who thinks good about everyone and be ready to help anyone. And God I am trying me best to be the person that You want. I love You God so much and I will do everything to make You proud. I know it's hard. But I don't care because if You want this, I am gonna do it. You have done many things for me and this is a very small thing that You are asking from us. But I need You to be with me when I am in struggle and… Continue

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Thank you God..

God thank You So much. I have never been happy for a long time but now I am. That's all because of You God. You have given me so much of happiness. You have given me everything I ever wanted. You are protecting my family so perfectly. They are healthy and happy just as I wanted. My brother's death brought us lots of miseries and sadness but now we are moving on and while we were in this misery,You were the one to stay with us and love us and help us to be happy again. I just believe that… Continue

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Nobody is real except for God.

God is the permanent family you got. In the time of need,He is the first to help you out. He is the one to give you the right guidance. He is the light of your life. He is the one to show you the right path to achieve what you want. Many a time you will face lots of difficulty where no one will support you except God. God loves us so much. He will do everything to help you out of your problem. He will always be the reason for your happiness. So never leave Him. He loves us,so, He wants us. Be… Continue

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God always be with me..

God I want You in my life forever and ever. Without You my life seems vain. It amaze me whenever I feel Your presence around me. Knowing You is the best thing about life. Nothing can be compared to this happiness. Love You more than anything.. Be with me forever and ever. I want You so much. Amen..

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Thank God..I got to know You..

God I am so blessed that I got to know You. Thank God You chosed me. Thank God Yang my bestfriend came to my life and showed the real truth i.e. You. I have never been more happy than to hear Yang saying me that I am chosen one. It made me feel proud and made me want to do more and more good things. God I love You so much. Thank You for shading light into my darkness. I was lying in darkness. Then You came and shade light on it. Thank You so much. Love You God. Amen..

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Live for God.

You are my father,my savior,my everything. God you are the first one to come in my mind everyday. I give my life to You. The day I got to know You truly, I have always lived for You. Whatever I do, I think about You and do. In most of my miserable days, I think of doing suicide. But I don't do it because of You. I don't want to do anything that angers You. But I don't know why I do it. I am trying my best. Don't worry God. You are my everything so I am gonna do everything to make You feel… Continue

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God should be the first priority to everyone..

God You are my first priority. Whatever I do,I do it for You and the first one that comes in my mind before doing anything is You. God should be the first priority for everyone. While doing anything,you should first think about God and do it. Nothing is more important than God. Nothing is bigger than God. We are the children of God. And we are nothing without God. So God should be the first priority to everyone. Love You God. Amen..

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Protect us from every evil things.

God I need your support your protection to stay in the position i am now. Your support will give me strength to endure the pain, the evils when I will be walking on Your path. Your protection is very need because without Your protection I will be nothing. God help me to be a better person. I don't want to hate people but there are so much evil here that its bound to make haters. But I want to love evrybody just like You do God. Help me to be Your child. God tomorrow I have dance and I am… Continue

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You are my light and my brightness..

God You are my light in my darkness and hope in my misery. Even when my life is full of darkness,I somehow still see for the light to come as I know it will come one day. Maybe there's lot of darkness but You are my light and there's nothing bigger than You. God You will cover the darkness with Your bare hand. Whenever your life becomes miserable,just have faith in God and believe that if now it is bad then there will come a time when your life will become so full happiness and light that… Continue

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God take over my everything.

God protect me and my family like you always do. I don't want the people of the world to take over my family or me but only You. Just keep Your hand upon me and I will be saved. You are the only one whom I can trust blindfoldedly. So I can give you anything including my soul. I just want my soul to be with You. Satan can't take over us but only You. You are my greatest success and also my fear. I just fear that I would lose You and I don't want to. I can't think of a moment where I can stay… Continue

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Forgiveness is a gift of God.

Forgiveness is bigger than a skycraper and expensive than a diamond. It is not easy to get but it is more difficult to give. Forgiveness is a precious thing given by our God but we didn't realise that but still God wants to forgive us. We commit lots and lots of sins but God still loves and forgives us as a hope to turn us evil to good. As God is our almighty,we are not bigger than out almighty and if God can forgive lots of our sins,we are no bigger than God to not forgive others. We are no… Continue

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