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But wait! There's more . . .

But wait! There's more . . .

We see naked guys, or at least guys half clad with school letters painted on their bodies, chanting and cheering at the top of their lungs.

But these guys were totally naked and then beaten, and yet singing?

Were they daft? Who would do such a thing?

Brainwashed? Members of a new cult? What was it that caused Paul and Silas to sing God's praises after they had been stripped, whipped and then beaten with rods?

They were convinced… Continue

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Giving Thanks.

Giving Thanks.

Thanksgiving Day is a day that prompts us to stop and think of being grateful ~ for our God, family, friends, faith! and generally-blessed lives. Oh sure, we talk about being grateful throughout the year, but to have a day set aside for it is brilliant! You know, a long time ago, Americans really were a thankful people. Pilgrims first came together on American soil in 1621 to thank God for helping them bring in a life-sustaining harvest. "Our harvest being gotten in,… Continue

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At the top of your lungs!

At the top of your lungs!

Etched in my mind is a scene of two men confined to a dark prison.  They are bruised, bloodied and battered, but yet they are singing to God at the top of their lungs.  What in the world?!  Their behavior was unnatural and certainly illogical.  But sing they did, praising God in spite of physical pain and exhaustion, their feet secured in stocks.  It seems they couldn't keep from praising God. 
And then a funny thing…

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Do Ya Have a Place?

I'm askin - do ya have a place of prayer?

"Yeah, I do," she said, "at my kitchen table, every morning." 

"Yeah, I do," he said. "I pray with a bunch of guys-my brothers--people I trust."

Well, which is it? Is a place of prayer the place you privately pray, or is it the place you go when you have cares - great or small - to be surrounded by people of faith who will hold you close and pray with you?

Yes. It is one. It is…


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Are you a good listener?

Are you a good listener?  Acts 16

"Honey, you're not listening to me!" your wife has oft said.
"Mom ... mom, did you hear me?  Are you even listening?" your teenager says to you, or maybe you say to him!
We all want to be listened to...we all want to be heard.  Even God.  Sure, maybe you have practiced your active listening skills in therapy or even good business practice seminars, but are you a good listener…

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Real. Peace. Even in the Middle East!

Real.  Peace. Even in the Middle East.

Palestinians and Israelis - a panel of both, sat before me, peacefully talking about what God is doing in their land1,2,3.  No, your eyes did not deceive you.  'No yelling, cursing, obvious anger or bitterness.  We certainly do not hear about this sort of thing on CNN, with Christiane…

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Choose your next step wisely

Choose your next step wisely.
Of Paul and Dylan.
Sometimes he is brilliant-fluid in motion, very creative and eloquent.
Sometimes he takes risks that flirt with great danger.
He prefers to live life on the edge.
This picture of Dylan captures all of that1:…

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Do something about it!

Prayer for America. November, 2017.

It is time to earnestly pray for our country-to pray that hatred would be turned toward healing of broken hearts and minds. Friend, this is about you, about me; it is for our children and grandchildren, for the generations to come. Read this prayer and consider its humble words; share this prayer with others and continue to pray it…

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Fresh off the Airplane in Wake Forest

Fresh off the Airplane in Wake Forest.
Why do we strike up conversations with strangers anyway?
Which ones are divine?  (conversations, that is)
Sometimes when I fly, I seat my seat in the seat and quickly pull out a book to study or my laptop to write.  But occasionally, things roll out differently . . . and I talk to my seatmates.
Such was the case on my connection from Houston…

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