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God's new name for you.

God's new name for you.

Gideon saw himself as fearful and less than, but God came to him and called him a Mighty Warrior.  God called him out from the cave and into his purpose for him . . . he gave him a new name. 
You may have been called names in grade school, you may have been 'talked down to' all your life ... but not by God.  God sees you as his dear creation, Friend. You are the…

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Want a new name?

God has a NEW NAME for you.

Can we talk real talk?

-did you have a name people called you, a not-so-nice 'nick name'?

-do you have things you call yourself when you mess up?

-do you still hear the voice of your critical dad in your head?

-or perhaps a coach or teacher who derided you?

Whether someone built you up or regularly tore you down, it has impacted how you view yourself. These things-words-lodge themselves in our brains, and they oft mark us.… Continue

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Not harmless . . .

Not harmless, but TOXIC.

Would you be shocked to know that some of your thinking is toxic? Some of us have thoughts that we have let simmer for 30 years, or burn for 25, or boil over for two years. Parts of our brains look like this picture:

These thoughts that we leave unattended, pushed back, and never really addressed--you know, like 'pans' of guilt always simmering, 'pans' of boiling bitterness, maybe painful memories, emotional pain, etc.--they… Continue

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I don't know if you have this

I don't know if you have this ...

but II am smitten by the notion of wisdom.

Why? Well, that takes a little unpacking. Socrates, who lived from 470 B.C. - 399 B.C., was purported to have said 'the only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.' I don't buy that actually, unless it is in comparison to the overall scope of what can be known. Regarding wisdom, I find the whole notion of Lady Wisdom interesting . . . her various angles compelling and intriguing.

One… Continue

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A "Time to Choose"

"A Time to Choose" - Humility.

He grew up simply (a nice word for kinda poor) in Illinois. Among other jobs, he worked as a lifeguard to help support the family, but also participated in high school sports, including as a member of the basketball cheerleading squad. On a needs-based college scholarship, he played (and lettered in) football and ran track (also coached for two years); he acted in 14 plays, and was involved in student government. He was a well-rounded guy! After… Continue

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A Mind Stove and Expensive Pictures

A Mind Stove and Expensive Pictures

A picture is worth a thousand words, it's been said.1 What makes for its said 'worth'?  'Think it is true?  If so, why?  Enables to visualize.  Recall.  Remember.  A compelling visual or well-chosen picture

calls something forth in us. 


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Been accused of this

Faithful. Fanatic.  announcement: please read to the end

Some of us are great starters.  We crash through the gate with gusto, are full of enthusiasm and passion, and then . . . life gets busy.  Like work is extra demanding or something else catches our eye, right?  Or the 'new thing' becomes somewhat routine and we tire of it.  Ugly truth: I am a quitter.  For that reason, I have a small…

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