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Can You Keep it Up? Faithfulness

Can you keep it up?

Can you keep things going? 
Can you stay consistent?
I've heard it all. 
'Can't you just be still?' 
'Do you ever relax?'
'Does your mind ever rest?' 
In the order of the questions, here are my answers-'Sometimes, for a minute,' 'sometimes, but just for a bit,' and 'No, I don't really think so.'  In that vein-I was getting a manicure today, but couldn't…

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Ineffable.      Holy Spirit: Who or What? #17 final.                                       ~incapable of being expressed in words:  indescribable

Love words, I do.                                                                                                                   Ineffable is a winner - some thing, action or some one you cannot aptly describe in words. …

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YOU are a Gift!

YOU are a Gift!  Holy Spirit: Who or What? #16

You are a Gift . . . a masterpiece even! 
            The Creator did some fine work when he knit you together
                                    in your mother's womb1
                                         just as you are...
                                      She too was a…

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Since Love Trumps All . . .

Since Love Trumps All, Let's Love!  Holy Spirit: Who or What? #15

This is a call for unity.  Sure, it seems like our culture is splintered, but so are our churches, and worse, our personal relationships... I mean, right?  Over the last couple days, I have been thinking about how people start acting in love and from a place of love toward other human beings; it brought back a few vivid…

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Love Trumps.

Love Trumps.  Holy Spirit: Who or What? #14

His baby sister had finally gone to sleep, and I was ardently trying to get Bennett to follow her lead.  Afternoon naps at Mimi's house mean that we all three lay down on the big bed with me usually in the middle; I sing, cajole and hope that both of my little grandchildren will fall asleep.  'Shhh, time to go to sleep now... I mean it,' I said to the four-year-old.  'But…

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Dum Vivimus Vivamus.

Dum Vivimus Vivamus.  One more piece on peace.
seems we all need to grab onto peace ... i have heard from so many of you.  thank you.
Most of my family did not know she was gravely ill; that is the way she wanted it.  Once she mentioned it, she was gone in three short weeks.  I attended my cousin's memorial service in Tahoe on Sunday, from her favorite vantage point of North…

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Re-Purpose This

Re-purpose This.
A Re-Purposed Cross.  Holy Spirit: Who or What? #13
How can we explain what draws us?  I mean, we have all had experiences where we felt compelled to walk toward someone, to connect or say 
something . . .
Compelled. By. Something. Unexplained.
We have all had scenarios that beckon us as though long unseen tentacles have attached themselves to our very souls.  That's how I felt…

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Peace Rally

Peace Rally.  (Holy Spirit: Who or What? #12)

Less than nine miles from my quiet home on a long tree-lined street in Alameda, 1960s peace rallies quickly got out of hand, and became anything but peaceful . . . rallies crying for America to get out of the war.  (Even as a teen-ager, I was not allowed to go anywhere near Berkeley.) But I'm wondering today-why don't we gather together and cry out for inner peace in the same sort of…

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Transfer Here for Peace.

"Transfer Here for Peace"   (Holy Spirit: Who or What? #11)

Exiting the grocery store, there was a car pulled next to the curb... an older lady was trying to help an even older lady out of her wheelchair and into the vehicle.  Their driver, a man bigger than both of them put together and much younger, looked on, without offering any assistance whatsoever.  You can picture this,…

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Grab on to it

Grab on to it...peace.     (Holy Spirit: Who or What? #10)

You cannot wait for an untroubled world
           to have an untroubled moment.
The terrible…

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Peace Train

PeacTrain...not just a Cat Stevens song.
A Gift from God, and a little something required.  Holy Spirit: who or what? #9
The corner store on old Route 66 in Flagstaff fairly glistened and sparkled from its shelves of various shades and hues, and I finally succumbed and walked through the doors.  What in the world was with all of these…

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Free gift, no purchase required

Free gift, no purchase required!     (Holy Spirit: Who or What? #8)

Point-of-sale items are placed near the check-out stands because they snag people like me.  'Gift with purchase' often attracts me to department-store…

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