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Haven't seen it, but I know its there

Haven't seen it, but I know it's there!   (Holy Spirit: Who or What? #7)

I have never seen the wind, but I have felt the effects of it
  ~blowing the hair around my face,
      and drying my eyes
I have seen the effects of the wind

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But then . . . Jesus.

But then . . . Jesus. (Holy Spirit: Who or What? #6)

Dateline:San Juan Capistrano, California - (July 20) It was a strange day-a day like no other. I got called to come and pick a woman out of a lineup of individuals, just about the same height and dressed alike. There was a knot of tension in my belly, though I tried not to let on, because my selection of that woman would very possibly determine her future . .…


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The Difference Maker.

The Difference Maker.     (#5 - The Holy Spirit: Who or What?)

God of my forefathers, I cry unto You.  
You have been the refuge of good and wise people in every generation.  When history began, You were the first enlightener of minds... Through all the ages You have been the Lord and giver of life, the source of all knowledge, the fountain of all goodness.…

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'Need a positive relationship?

'Need a positive relationship?

Relationship that defies description . . .(Holy Spirit - who or what? Fourth in the series)

We have all seen relationships that are beautiful,
   Relationships that seem far afield from what we have experienced ourselves . . .
       Relationships to which we can only aspire to be a part of,…

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What does a perfect relationship look like?

Perfect Relationship.  (Holy Spirit - who or what? Third in the series)

The sky is one whole, the water another;
        and between those two infinities
                 the soul of man is in loneliness.1
God is never lonely.
He lives in a perfect community, the Trinity.
We have all heard someone close their prayer or pronounce a blessing with, 'in the name of the…

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Archaeology of the deepest sort

Archaeology: Digging up the Holy Spirit.  
(Holy Spirit - Who or what?  #2)


I'm fascinated by archaeology, unearthing.  Archaeology involves excavation and analysis. Unearthing a workable understanding of the person of the Holy Spirit, based on the truth of God's Word is challenging and exacting and rather tedious at points.

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Who or what is it? The Holy Spirit.

Who, or what is it? The Holy Spirit, that is.  ONE.

So I'm in the hospital in May for this surreal experience of radio-iodine therapy to kill off any remaining thyroid cancer hangers-on  . . . and the capsule please...…

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GRIT ...and funerals?

Funerals Are Gritty

[See, I have been talking about G.R.I.T. - what it is, why it is important, and how a believer's apprehending of it is vital to living well and finishing well.  All inspired by Angela Duckworth's book by the same name, in which she studies West Point cadets, Green Berets, national spelling bee winners, and what they have in common.  And how about Christians who face one trial after another, but continue trusting God, not doubting him?  G.R.I.T.  As Paul…

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Office Chair Races . . . ever seen 'em?

Happy Independence Day!!" class="CToWUd a6T" tabindex="0" />

This week Americans will celebrate Independence Day, 'Fourth of July', and commemorate America's independence from Great…

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