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Worship is not just for church. Romans 12.1

‘Which church is the right church?’  ‘Where should I take my kids to Sunday School?’  ‘Oh, yeah, we’ve been meaning to find a new church, but with sports and stuff, it just hasn’t happened.’  ‘Kinda stopped going because I just couldn’t relate, I know I should go back … where should I go?'

Hold the phone. 

I am sure you have noticed the big push to get back to basics—at least, in mid to upper class areas.  A lot of folks are feeling so harried by their daily pace, they long for…


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go ahead and JUMP. Romans 12.1-2

School is out . . . time for some fun.  Usually, the local teenagers head to Rivi, (short for “Riviera” Beach), at the south end of our Southern California beach town.  However, Dylan and his friends have discovered another recreational water spot—you drive inland, down a country road, and then walk in still further to discover a great place to jump off the rocks to water some 25 to 30 feet below.  …


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Great is the Lord! Romans 11.33-36

Great is the Lord!

If you could answer all of your questions about God, he would not be eternal.   If you could understand all of God’s thinking, he would not be infinite, and your thinking would not be finite.  If you could figure out everything about his ways, and what he would do next, then you would not need faith, whereas the writer to the Hebrews clearly stated that, “without faith, it is impossible to please…


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Don’t be ignorant . . . don’t be uninformed

It occurs to me that I may have been remiss. A month or so ago, I wrote about Harold Camping’s prediction that Jesus would return on May 21, 2011, and ‘gather up the faithful and judge all of humankind’.1 That, of course, did not happen. Jesus did not return to collect his children on that day. However, since that time, Mr. Camping, (a man I knew from my childhood in Northern California), suffered a stroke. And since the stroke, his radio program has gone off the air; incidentally, his largest… Continue

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Introduce someone to Jesus, introduce him to PURPOSE.

Suppose with me for a minute, won’t you? Suppose you gave “The Pathway to Purpose” to a friend . . . and suppose he stopped by your office and said, ‘there was a lot of good stuff in that writing--stuff I can use, but there is only one problem.’ ‘Problem?’ you ask, ‘what are you talking about?’ ‘See, I used to go to church, but just couldn’t relate to it, and stopped . . . to tell you the truth, I’m not sure if I am a Christian. Can you help me?‘

In the last couple weeks, I have heard… Continue

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The Pathway to Purpose. Part Two.

“O to know purpose and meaning in this life!”  That has been the cry of humanity since Solomon expressed “Vanity of Vanities!  Life is meaningless!”  To know that we were created for a purpose is to be rich indeed!  The first steps have been taken in the discovery of our purpose—an understanding that:

>God has a purpose for each of us

>God created us in his image

>Before we were even born, God knew us—God had a plan for us

>His plans for us include a…


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Pathway to purpose. Part One.

god means for your life to have purpose…

read this verse with that in mind:

¨And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.1   We begin with these profound words that Paul wrote to the church at Rome; two thousand years later, we children of God still count on the hope and the promise of this verse!  Today I read ‘called according to His purpose’ with fresh…


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A Desperate Plea for Purpose.

was pretty, petite, blonde and intense, and I’m guessing about 38 years of age.  By just about everyone’s measuring stick, she was a successful woman--a marathon runner, wife and mother of two lovely children, an engaged Christian woman—oh yeah, and a structural engineer with advanced degrees, having designed and recently supervised the buildout of Los Angeles International Airport.  Truly,  she was anything but idle, ignorant or ignoble—far from it.  And I will carry her face in my mind… Continue

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The Big Questions answered simply …

Third Day has a sweet song that includes these words-

“You are beautiful, my sweet, sweet song … You are so good to me, you heal my broken heart, you are my Father in Heaven …” This week, my 28-year-old son posted that song on his Facebook wall…who cares? Well, for at least 10 years now, he has had nothing to do with his Father in Heaven, having been hurt by ‘the Church’. This mother silently rejoiced.

Seventeen hundred years ago, another mother who also never stopped praying,… Continue

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It is WHO you know that matters. Romans 11

Keeping in view the themes of Romans—such as Romans 5.1-2, “Therefore, since we have been justified through faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ, through whom we have gained access by faith into this grace in which we now stand.”  We have access to God through Jesus Christ; and one day, it will be because of that, we will live forever with God.  Consider this:

“Many years ago two of my daughters and I were in Washington, D.C., where I spoke at a church…


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The year was A.D. 58—our Lord had ascended into...

The year was A.D. 58—our Lord had ascended into Heaven just 25 years earlier—when Paul wrote this letter from the town of Corinth. He was writing to a strong Roman church, known far and wide for her genuine faith. And yet, throughout this letter, Paul’s heart goes to the Jewish dilemma—why were so many of his kinship not accepting the truths of Jesus Christ? Click on the link at the end of this briefing to read Romans…

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A Calloused People. Romans 11.1-10

The prophets had prepared them for his coming for hundreds of years, and yet most of the Jews of the day missed it.  What was God’s heart toward them?

“Does this mean, then, that God is so fed up with Israel that he’ll have nothing to do with them?  Hardly.  Remember that I, the one writing these things, am an Israelite, a descendant of Abraham out of the tribe of Benjamin.  You can’t get much more Semitic than that!  So we’re not talking about repudiation.  God has been too long…


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The Value (or lack thereof) of LIFE.

I have always liked the beach—even the not-so-pretty, not-so-warm beach on the San Francisco Bay—where I grew up.  But thank God, I wasn’t at Crown Memorial Beach in my hometown of Alameda on Memorial Day this year!  The beauty of the beach and beach-going would have been forever ruined.  Each time I think about what happened, I am shocked and saddened all over again.

Gathered on the shore were first responders (at least a dozen), and about 75 other people standing and…


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Do our young people believe in TRUE Christianity?

Honestly, I hadn’t been intending to write about worldview . . . I sort of fell backward into it, almost like you would picture my falling backward into a pool, with the displaced water splashing all over, and, into unexpected places. The splash made me realize the importance of the discussion. Add to that, I took Dylan, (my 16-year-old son), out for sushi on Monday night, just ‘to… Continue

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Of Worldviews and Little Girls.

Your worldview is your philosophy of life—the way you look at the world.  ‘Could be a Christian worldview which has its inception in God the Creator, or a secular one, which probably does not.  Either way, how you look at life on a daily basis is affected by it.  Whether life seems to be ordered or random, including one’s sense of purpose, is affected by personal worldview.

Some people just ask the hard questions earlier in life, I guess.  She had a head full of blonde curls and big…


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“Christian” vs. “Spiritual”

Oprah made the term ‘spiritual’ very popular—think about it.  However, on the last day of her show she seemed to fully claim Christianity.  What does it mean to say that we are a Christian?  Many people call themselves ‘Christian’ but if asked to define what they believe, they would be hard pressed to explain just what a Christian believes.

These are the non-negotiables, and the Scriptural support for them:  Essentials of the Christian Faith

1.  In the beginning, God.…


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“So, Christine, is Oprah a Christian?”

I couldn’t duck the question anymore.  Truthfully, there is a part of me that would like to avoid answering the question.  I just know too many women who put great stock in what Oprah has to say . . . I know too many women who plan their afternoons to watch—and even more who record to watch at their leisure—her daily program. 

‘Wondering about a person’s stance on anything?  Listen to what she says, and then take a look at the positions she espouses.   “I am a Christian who believes…


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Promises, promises . . .

Before I launch deeper into the worldview/Oprah discussion, I felt prompted to send this today.  There is nothing like the truth and power found in the Word of God.  I am confident that there are some of you who need to consider God’s promises to you at this very time . . . Pakistan?  Ghana?  UK?  Singapore?  The Philippines?  Wherever you find yourself, in whatever circumstances – these promises are for you.

Promises are significant and telling.  When someone keeps his promises to…


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Oprah and your worldview . . . Romans 10

What is your worldview?  We’ve all got one . . . a worldview.  Simply, it is the way we see the world . . . our philosophy of life.  Whether or not we have articulated it, we live by it every day.  Our worldview is shaped by many things—upbringing, education, what we read and watch, (Oprah), opinions of friends and family, and the culture in which we live.

The question I put before you today is this:

              Is your worldview a godly one?

                     Is it…


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Contentment? Really . . . are you sure?

Contentment seems elusive these days. 

I sat across from her at lunch today, as she told me “something is missing from my life”.  To look at her, you certainly wouldn’t think that!  I mean, she is attractive, affluent, of mature age and wisdom, well put together, confident, and has been in a friendship with God for many, many years.  Yet she is unsettled.  After talking for a while, I think we hit on the reason.  Perhaps her struggle might just define yours, so let’s talk.  Yesterday…


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