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In Jesus Christ . . . yes. 2 Corinthians 1.18-22

In Jesus Christ, it has always been “Yes”

Can you give me meaning in my life, God? Yes, Child.

Can you show me the way to find peace? Most certainly, Daughter.…


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“Yes” or “No”— it matters a lot. 2 Corinthians 1.15-18

Can you imagine questioning Paul’s character? Now I don’t mean even from our perspective and all we know about this man…but as a contemporary of his—Paul, who had been personally

confronted by Jesus…


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Rucksacks in the hood

[Weekly installment on my ministry to the street people of Long Beach. It has been quite a journey and I have introduced some winsome folk over the

months of writing about LB. It is

great reading if you would like to read past briefings—…


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Freedom . . . from the past. 2 Corinthians 1.12-14

Do you ever think about your behavior? You know,

~why you do the things you do

~why you look at things like you do

~why you view the world around you as you do…


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‘Ready for a new home? A break in the action

Today is the day that I will conduct my friend’s funeral—my beautiful friend, who life got the better of. I have conducted quite a few

memorial-type services, including my own dear mother’s, but this is the

first one of my friends to depart. So near my age, living

only four houses away, this feels so very wrong. Nonetheless,

it is mine to honor, and mine to give hope—especially to her three



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Pressed down, but not crushed

Two men met to transact some business in wartime. The one was full of how the train in which he had travelled had been attacked from the air. He would not stop talking about the

excitement, the danger, and the narrow escape. The other

man, in the end, said quietly—‘Well, let’s get on with our business now. I’d

like to get away fairly early because my house was demolished by a bomb

last night.’…


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On the road again. 2 Corinthians 1.1-7

Where did we leave brother Paul? We look now at his letter to the church he had established in the city of Corinth, in which he

encouraged, instructed, and corrected the body of believers. In

our study of 1 Corinthians, we learned so much about our Christian

faith, including proper conduct within the church, and how different the

church should be from the world around us. Paul explained

the essential…


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On my knees

In case you haven’t noticed, no two days are the same with the prayer and teaching ministry to the street people of Long Beach. [for those of you who just

joined ‘Morning Briefings’ – from Kenya, Nigeria, India, Pakistan,

Tanzania, Texas, San

and beyond—once a week, I have the privilege of leading…


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Why all this talk about Scripture?

There’s the historical scope of Scripture, the inspirational and instructional value of God’s Word, and insight into the various translations that abound . . . now

what? Is that it? Actually, no . . .…


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Which Bible is the Best??

So, Mark decides to go to a men’s group that meets at the golf course before work on Friday

mornings. It is an inspirational

meeting that encourages men to be more spiritual, in a Christian way. He likes it so much, it becomes one of

his favorite weekly activities. The

references to the Bible have really been intriguing and so Mark decides


wants his own Bible. Heading to the nearest…


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Scripture . . . Apropos to Life!


along the line, I developed a passion for books . . . not for how they

look or how they feel, (though I admit that I do like turning the pages,

and, I do like to highlight, and write dates and comments in the

margins). In truth, I guess I really got passionate about

books when I wanted to learn vital information to support Scriptural

principles I was teaching . . . like when I wanted the historical


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Lovin’ the Word

Forty-three years ago, I got my first Bible for Christmas, just three days before my sixth birthday. ‘My very own Bible!’ I thought.

How I loved to hold it in my little hands, turn the pages, look at the

few colored…


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‘In a little while, we'll be with the Father . . . can't you see Him smile?

In a little while, we'll be home forever, in a while....

We're just here to learn to love Him; we'll be home in just a little while . . . ‘…


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Rise up . . . hear God’s voice today

I pulled up to the familiar Long Beach church, where a lot of gnarly-looking folks were milling around out front. The Duke of Earl

was waiting, ready to carry in my basket with my Bible, notes, music,

etc. Inside, folks were finishing up their breakfast of

donuts, eggs and fruit. My friend,…


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IN THE QUIET, His voice may be heard

“And behold, the Lord passed by, and a great and strong wind rent the mountains, and brake in pieces the rocks before the Lord;

but the Lord was not in the wind~

and after the wind an earthquake;…


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God Spoke to You? Yeah, right.

In the last week, I have heard several say that God talked to them. “God told me not to be with that man,” one woman said. She listened, and got away from the guy,

which as it turns out, was a very good decision. Another

said that God woke him up out of his sleep to show him some things about

his life . . . and he was clearly shown some things he needed to come

to terms with. Then, I mentioned going to the…


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Obey Me in this, Child

‘Get my people praying . . . you have really only scratched the surface, Girl,’ I felt the Lord impress upon my heart, as I sought him about making a greater

impact in Long Beach. ‘Next

steps will become clear, as you pray.’ “You will seek me

and find me when…


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Entrepreneurial Faith - another lesson from Long Beach

Good Day!

‘Seems I barely get home from Long Beach and I am missing being with my people, and I…


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Rocks in Action

“Rocks in a Jar” – a different

kind of lesson was intended to get us thinking about the priorities we

set for ourselves. Many no doubt thought, ‘yeah, I want to

love God better—with my heart, soul, mind and strength, but how do I go

about that kind of sold-out living?’ Truthfully, I could

give you a lot of sophisticated methodology, but really the answer is

quite simple . . . …….. ‘ready? ……………….. learn


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A different kind of lesson: Rocks in a Jar

Does this glass jar look anything like your life?

You know, you are sure everything would fit if you could just keep the main things the MAIN THINGS! If you are in need of regrouping,

if you are starting over, but especially, if you want to know God’s will

for your life, then pray that God would open the eyes of your heart to

hear his Word…


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