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Unstoppable.  Acts 12.1-25

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Grace, up close and personal.

Grace, up close and personal.  

Acts 11.29-30
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Can you touch Grace?

Can you touch Grace?  Acts 11.19-24

Can you touch grace?  I mean, is it something tangible you can feel?
A few days ago, I had just finished speaking - specifically, talking about how grace was seen, heard, felt and dealt in the Christian community.  Honestly, the whole notion captures me!  How could Barnabas-a man...wait, could I say something totally sexist…

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God always has a plan...

God always has a plan... and...  Acts 11.19-24

As China, particularly in the 20th century, tried to lock out Christianity entirely, look what has happened:
"...China is destined to become the largest Christian country in the world very soon..."1
"The number of Christians in Communist China is growing so steadily that by 2030 it could have more churchgoers than…

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God wants to talk to you...did you know that?

God wants to talk to you...did you know that?

I know you're busy and everything, Doctor, but he really does~                                   God really does want to talk to you.


You've just signed on to these Morning Briefings - what are they anyway? A way to get truths from God's Word, applied to our relationship(s) with him and everyday life.  Thousands of these briefings, in written and podcast formats, are…

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Sharing the Bounty

Sharing the Bounty.

English roses are different than the ones we typically grow in the US, different from those that can be plucked from the big black vases in the grocery store. They are densely-petaled and a little bit lacey looking. Pictured below are my favorites: Abraham Darby, Shakespeare ~ And, English roses are hearty.

So in my last backyard, I had a bounty of them – in all colors and shades. Often, I made bouquets and gave them…


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"But, but I'm not a gardener!"

'I'm just not a gardener, so we have to make it simple,' I said to my new neighbors who came to help us design and plant a (large) front yard in Northern California.  See, we had bought an old home in foreclosure and the yard was nothing but rocks and weeds, and there was much work to be done.  Though I think it was about 22 years ago, I remember like yesterday thinking, 'Now I will be happy to water occasionally, but I can't imagine much more than that; I don't like getting dirt under my…

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Look up.

Look up.

How often do you look up?  At the clouds, the varying hues of reds, pinks, and oranges at sunset, the night sky, trees and stars ... if it is not a regular practice for you, I hope you might consider looking up.  I personally think that God shows off at what we behold when we look up!
A week ago I was in my backyard1 and I looked up at my apricot tree, wondering when it might start budding.  I kid you not, …

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You and your sheet.

You and your sheet. Acts 10.9-17

I boarded the bus with sleepy eyes and a heart filled with expectation at what I was going to see and learn on our first day in Israel. As we drove north from the Tel Aviv area, we passed many businesses that were familiar - from high tech…


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This changes everything.

This changes everything.  Acts 10

'I don't read the Bible because it is much too difficult to understand.'
'It is out of date, has nothing to do with my life right now...'know what I mean?'
I've heard it a myriad of times.  I get it.  There are times I read through a passage and am left with a question mark hanging over my head-
'What is this about, and what could it possibly have…

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You are Here.

You are Here. Acts 9. You want to find the Dumbo ride in Fantasy Land at Disneyland, so you consult a park map, but first in order to get to Dumbo, you must find the “you are here” marker. You are looking for the nearest exit on a New York City subway station map, but first … you must locate the “you are here” sign. Whether you are reading this or listening to a podcast, “You are here” – in the study of the book of Acts, written by the gospel writer Luke, for the historical record of the…


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Don't say "God" around here.

Don't say "God" around here....and by all means, keep Jesus out of it!  Acts 9.23-42

Juan was affixing a mailing label to my box when I commented on the vivid rose tattoo on his fore arm.  Like my friends who love being complimented on their body artistry, he lit up and talked about what he was going to have done next. "You know, FedEx just recently changed their policy on tattoos; it used to be that shirt sleeves had to cover tattoos.  Not any more - so long as…

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Spiritual, are you?

Spiritual, are you?  1 Timothy 1.12-17

Good Day.
So I got somewhat turned around on New York City's labyrinth of subway rails and wound up in a Brooklyn neighborhood I enjoyed some years ago, Crown Heights.  Okay, truth be told, it was the last stop-I had to get off the train!  After taking in the uniqueness of the predominantly Orthodox community, jumped in a taxi with Roman to cross a couple miles to Williamsburg.  Prominently…

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