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The Two Witnesses.…


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How do you have Victory in this world? You become Christ! Whoa; did I just lose some of you? Consider this! When Jesus walked among men; He was recognized to have the Glory of God working through Him. And when He ascended; after Pentecost; not only the Apostles but…


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Come, Lord Jesus; Come!

An odd statement by the landlord who just stated; “I do you no wrong: did not you agree with me for a penny” - Matt. 20:13. This is like God agreeing with the sinner who repents to receive Salvation. But by not as stated; “take up his (your) cross, and follow Me” - Matt.…


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Jesus; Word for word.

Yet; many still say; “But why me; I am not worthy”. Do we really think God is fickle and imprecise with His Declarations? We must embrace unhindered what God’s desire is for us as stated; “(God) Who will have all men to be saved and to come unto the knowledge of…


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Searching for Jesus.

Whenever we interfere with God’s way of doing things we actually are denying His perfect will and methods; painting Him as imperfect. God did not send legions of Angels nor did He come to vanquish His enemies but as stated; “That whosoever believes in Him (Jesus) should not perish, but have everlasting life” - Jn. 3:16.…


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Jesus - The Tabernacle.

The Old Testament Tabernacle is made of things that as stated; “where moth and rust does corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal” - Matt. 6:19. Is that heresy? Cannot be; for despite everything the Jews did through these rituals; they did not attain for…


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The Practical Christian The Call.

Most Christians only believe that once saved; their prime purpose is to support the work of their pastor and church. They have become the tail by abandoning their right as an heir to God’s Earthly throne and authorities. Centuries…


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The Practical Christian Series - Prophecy.

Many false prophets have and will exist before the next Messianic visitation. This is why prophecy must not be treated with indifference, trivialities, and immaturity. It must be put to the test by discernment; the Word and God’s Spirit…


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Passive Persistent Passion.

We can…


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Our Father in Heaven.

And just to be clear; having a Dad who isn’t fathering; is just as bad or worst than not having one. The foundation of fatherhood cannot be understated and is why more than prostrating to a seemingly distant God; we cry; “Abba, Father”! - Gal. 4:6. God established since the beginning that all would have this hope in Him as the Father. Because no matter how much we plow through this life; building, securing and defending our lack of…


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Pumpkin seeds.

Today, Christian churches are either quietly being dismantled or are more politically correct rather than being as stated; “The voice of him that shouts in the wilderness. Prepare you the way of the Lord, make straight in the desert a highway for our God” - Is. 40:3. They…


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Letter to the Faithful - Draw the line !

You who claim Christ! Draw the line! For who has won this world for you but Christ! Are you now indifferent to His cause and mandate? Surely; His Blood strengthens that which has been breathed into you from the eve of this world…


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The Law !

The Law…


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Humanizing the Word.

It is not my intent to be insensitive but in recent weeks, there have been several comments made by people of influence within the Body that is anti-god by every utterance that comes from their platform as stated, “For they that are after the flesh do mind the things of the flesh” - Rm. 8:5. By thinking and acting from the flesh’s point of view; many in the Body not only deny themselves the Word’s Power but have set about as…


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Here I am !

Yet, the average Christian is more reserved and weighs the price of heeding the call from God; often saying; it's not their talent or personality. They make excuses upon excuses! Are we not born of the Great I Am and did not Jesus demonstrate in His name all is possible? Many are just waiting on the Lord’s return and eager to leave. How sad that is!…


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The Seeds of War !

If you fear war it is because you have not truly received the Salvation that comes with Jesus Christ! How can this be said; for is not war a horrid and terrible thing? It sure is and anyone who has been in a war would not want to repeat its tragedies.…


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The Practical Christian Series. Humility.

And before some quote the Sermon on the Mount when Jesus said, ‘Blessed are the meek” which most scholars agree is not accurate but should be; “Blessed are the (gentle)”; presenting a complete different picture to be…


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The Practical Christian Series - Politics.

The business of governance is the business of Righteousness regardless of our personal agenda or affiliations; because when men decide their politics based on biases; we invariable lead ourselves down a dark path of more disobedience to God and His Kingdom; often crucifying Christ over and over again because we have not taken all of His Salvation benefits. …


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What is Church ?

What is the weakness of the flesh? Everything that is promoted by the world! I have seen a Christian’s car license plate that says “O; Wake up”!…


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