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Feature Blog: The Call of Men.

The bible is very explicit in showing the reason…


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Letter to the Faithful - Be Noble.…


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Letter to the Faithful - Prepare for the Battle !

Don’t be found asleep as the…


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Why Some Christians don’t get Healed?

Many Christians don’t get healed because of their unbelief, unforgiveness, unconfessed sins, secret sins, pride, addictions, influence of unbelievers, Pharisees spirits, demons,generational curses, lack of  faith, lack of honoring Gods people, broken spirit, ignorance of Gods word, lack of prayer and fasting, addictions and communion in unworthy manner etc



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Poem: Called to Holiness

Moving away from unholiness is attainable,

by modifying and monitoring your godless behavior.

Know that you’re called into fellowship with Him;

begin mirroring the traits of our blessed Savior.

For you can do all things through Christ,

who joyfully and faithfully strengthens His Children;

you have been given the necessary Biblical tools

for overcoming Life’s constant pressures of sin.

Turn away from impurity of thoughts…

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Poem: Measure of Faith

O Lord, I thank you once more,

for Your measure of faith in me.

I’ve made a decision of how to act,

regardless of what I feel or see.

I chose to release my faith three ways:

by praying, saying and doing what I should.

I trust You Lord to honor Your Word, while…

avoiding the silliness of knocking on wood.

Willingly, I step forward boldly with faith

through the wide doors of opportunities;

having consumed The Word in great quantities,



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Poem: Find Real Contentment

One of the secrets of successful living,

is recognizing Christ as your source.

For only His divine principles assure

that Life stays on the Kingdom’s course.

For happiness will never be found

in the possession of earthly things.

The deepest of joy resonates when…

it makes one’s heart sincerely sing.

A genuine relationship with Christ

inspires one’s spirit to mightily soar.

With Faith, we are more than conquerors;

nothing is better or…


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Poem: Spiritual Values

Genuine spiritual values

bring us both light and joy,

when we belong to Christ -

as His faithful girls and boys.

This is possible when we lean

on the foundation of Scriptures.

For true Life can be found within

the Kingdom’s wisdom and virtues.

Exercising faith will be our key

for staying on our holy path.

Remember that the wages of sin,

can not escape Jehovah’s wrath.

We need to accept the gift of Grace

and be submerged…


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Poem: Used For His Glory

The Body is composed of many parts

and it needs your gifting of talents;

open up your spirit and heart…

to provide God with holy service.

Don’t waste your earthly talents

with hardness of heart or disservice.

Find your identity in Christ!

Feed on the fullness of His Word

and enjoy His eternal Life!

Become part of Heaven’s story,

by allowing yourself to be…

Used for His Glory.




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Poem: Spiritual Secret (Power of Words)

Most fail to understand the spiritual secret,

regarding the true power of the human tongue.

Proper and improper usage of its strength, allows

one to create consequences, that are far flung.

Consider the idea of words as ‘containers’,

housing both creative and destructive powers.

For even God is bound (Scripturally) by His Word.

Learn to alter your speech, starting this very hour.

Although you’re free to choose what is…

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Poem: She Gave More

One ordinary day at the temple,

Jesus purposed to watch people go by;

He observed their heart attitudes,

without them… even knowing why.

He watched the gait of the proudly rich,

dressed in their expensive clothes;

they jingled a portion of their wealth

and drew attention with uplifted noses.

Christ properly noticed and judged the scene

of them depositing their offering coins,

disappointed that they collected their reward

(of pride)…


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Poem: Called to Worship (XII)

We are still called to worship;

open hearts and voices, glorify His Name!

We acknowledge the Almighty

and His Kingdom… we freely proclaim!

We are called to worship,

knowing that we are His Children.

We have been given The Scriptures

and holy tools for overcoming sin.

We continue to worship Him,

Whose Love was revealed in Christ Jesus.

We will continue to Seek His face

and to have His Love perfected in us.

We intentionally…


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Poem: Nothing Without God

To the uncircumcised heart,

a real relationship with God

is not only strange and peculiar,

it’s unbelievably… odd.

For what role does Mankind play,

that Jehovah is mindful of us?

How could the embodiment of Love

allow us to martyr Christ Jesus?

Unlike the angels of the heavenly realm,

we’re made in the image of God Himself.

Christ was not crucified for angels, but…

to insure a way of bringing us back to Himself.

For we’ve been given…


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Poem: Those

Help me Lord, to acknowledge those

who labor within my sphere of influence,

for they too deserve my prayers for them.

Help me Lord, to lovingly admonish those

who lack a proper sense of discipline,

for like me, they require spiritual guidance.

Help me Lord, to quietly comfort those

who seek cooperation and genuine fairness,

that serves all of my neighbors equally.

Help me Lord, to forgivingly tolerate those

who are stronger or weaker…


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Poem: Human Veil

Oh the irony of this mortal situation,

being encased in this temporary flesh.

For I’m momentarily bound to this earth,

although I anticipate my heavenly journey.

At the moment of Christ’s crucifixion,

the temple curtain was torn in two by God,

ripping it from the top to its bottom,

which signified His personal invitation…

for unhindered, one-on-one interaction.

And yet I yearn to feel His presence,

knowing that my sin keeps us separated.…


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Poem: A Serving of Proverbs 16

The best way to demonstrate wisdom,

is speak with kindness and insight.

Develop the habit of faith and prayer

to truly strengthen one’s inner light.

Hidden intentions of men’s hearts,

are plainly visible before the Lord.

Honorable actions with Godly answers

show how one remains in holy accord…

from committing one’s life unto Him.

Understanding self’s true motivation,

while allowing God to guide one’s…


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