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Chip Brogden, Lysa Terkeurst, Angus Buchan and Andy Stanley ; but to name a few writers who inspire me. But also prayer, encounters with people, facebook posts, bible study time and blogs.

I believe God puts things out there and He is answering and guiding us all the time. Are we listening? Sometimes yes and sometimes no. The will of God has been a question for me forever.

But the above article hit me like a ton of bricks. And I want to share. and love to hear feedback and comments. 

Because if you help with what you have where you are; no one will suffer or go without? Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul and mind. And love your neighbor.....

Neighbor definition:

  1. a person or thing near or next to another -         Not in the mega church, a famous evangelist etc....

So I am thinking - I am looking for this big thing to do - find my purpose for life. That is the problem isn't it? My purpose for life. Not Gods will.

If I sit where I am now:   mom of 3 , wife, sister, daughter, daughter in law, work colleague, friend, cousin; I have a purpose where I am. To be a God fearing, loving woman in the roles I already have.

I don't need a stage or lights.  Stages are for actors - one who behaves as if acting a part.  I don't want to act. I want to be who I am made to be. 

So this got me thinking:  IF each of us lived where we are now, fulfilled this role where we are - we all would have a neighbor there for us willing to help and love and strengthen us. Our families would be stronger. Because dad would be home fulfilling his role - not that career and status to keep up the jones house and expenses. Mom would be home loving and teaching her young. wife would be home loving and supporting her husband. Once our families are in tact - Our community will intact. God created family - the devil is trying hard to break it up.


  1. untouched or unimpaired; left complete or perfect

Because we are of God - we were made to serve others. Not our self.    To become like that you have to be more of Jesus and less of you.  You must crucify who you are; who the world is with you.  Fulfill your divine date and purpose with Jesus dead bang center

Because through His sacrifice to die for us HE left us .... and it is a gift

  1. untouched or unimpaired; left complete or perfect

Life is simple really isn't it - if we do it Gods way.   Serve and Love and God will be there; always. His blessings will be showered on you.  He will fetch you when the time comes and take you home. Because that is all that matters. And because we truly learn to really love one another like Jesus loved us -  we want our neighbors and brothers and sisters to come home with us..   So I want to shine Jesus light - not that Vegas flickering light that is not forever and for eternity. I want my light to shine - not the torch I lit up but my daily doings be my witness of who I am becoming - transformed by Christ.

What you do everyday is who you are....    

So every day seek to be radically obedient, pray continuously, live faithfully, work wholeheartedly, praise God, suffer humbly, love unconditionally and serve selflessly.  Our home is not here.  This is not the end of the story God has written for us.  I am here to take as many with me home to God as I can.

And it starts in my home where I am with what God has already place in my hands. Not that big job, studies, fancy pin interest perfect mom.      But the mother of children who knows and loves God, the wife of man that doesn't doubt and lives in faith. The daughter of a mother who is taken well care of in her old age. The colleague who humbles themselves at work to be the least and stand corrected and be humble.

If I can do this I am sure I have found my purpose?

Because if you can deal with what you have now - you will deal with what God has in store for you. As each life and day is there to shape you for what He has in store for you.  And you might become a well reknowed writer or NOT. But if you live God first, husband, children, family and work (in this order) - I am sure you will get it right.

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