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From Nancy Owen, Chloes' Grandma



Nancy Owen April 27 at 12:02am
Chloe is home, the household is returning to some sort of healthy normal. It was one rough week. We have had to keep Miss Chloe on the ventilator full time since the illness began. Hopefully, by her rescheduled birthday party, her lungs will recuperate to the point of allowing some time off of it! Please pray for this. There is much at stake here and Chloe NEEDS to be deemed medically stable again soon. Being tethered to the vent in the day again is NOT making her happy, she literally tried to climb up the machine today to shut it off. LOL She has been playing from her perch on her new Dora couch that we gave her for her birthday! It was quite a hit, but can only do so much from there. It was a fantastic bed pulled for for recuperation purposes because she loves it so much! She pulled her trach out again today, which was horrifying, but she has learned so many things about her body. Jennie got it replaced quickly with no ill effects. Please continue to pray for further healing! This little Warrior has a party to attend on Saturday! Thank goodness! The way it looked on her birthday for a while, it could have been an entirely different gathering! Love to all! Nancy!


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How is sge doing now? I hope well and happy.


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