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Brigitte Gabriel discusses Muslim Brotherhood threat in Egypt

Recently ACT! for America president Brigitte Gabriel appeared on the Hannity television program to discuss the deteriorating situation in Egypt, with a special emphasis on the threat of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Segment one of her interview (a little over 4 minutes) is available here. Segment two (a little over 5 minutes) can be accessed here.

For nearly fifty years the Muslim Brotherhood has been working hard to spread its dangerous tentacles throughout American society. It is imperative that government leaders recognize this threat.

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I agree totally. The scary thing is that now that Libya is about to fall as well, all of North Africa will be under radical Islam. That will have dire consequences for the US, Israel, and Europe. The sad part is that the people involved with these demonstrations will end up throwing down one form of tyranny for an even worse form.

Even scarier still, if Egypt and Libya both fall, it will provide a lot of fuel and propoganda for the spread of these types of governments all over the middle east. Taking down both Libya, and Egypt, will gain a lot of radical support.

These are indeed scary times, I think we need to pray for Egypt and Libya.



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