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We are as Christians to help each other with our burdens. What are some ways to go about this?
Do we carry each others burdens only within the christian family? Or do we carry also burdens of unbelievers who sooooo need to see the Light of Jesus? What are some ways we can help to do that?
Would love to hear from others on this!
Thankyou and God bless you all on this journey$

Love in Christ

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sometimes i think a smile can be as helpful as physically doing something to help. people see a smile and they either smile back, which will lighten their mood, or maybe ask about your smile. that gives you the opportunity to share your faith. also i used to be skeptical about giving money to people. i would wonder if they truly needed it or if they were just conning people. then a friend of mine told me something. he said giving money to people, regardless of their intentions, is a Christian thing to do. if they are con artists, then God will deal with them. by giving, you are doing what a Christian should. you're taking the person at face value.

glad you liked my comment. sometimes, when i'm at walmart, i'll think of a hymn or a song i heard on klove and i'll smile as the lyrics go through my head. after i've gone out to my car i wonder if anyone noticed my smile and thought, "what's he got to be happy about?" i wish someone would ask me. i would gladly tell them that Jesus is coming back soon and, until then, i sing praises to Him.

God bless you!

Yes make a point to help those less fortunate than ouselves as in a twinkling of an eye it could be us.

Sister Nancy,


Good subject.

Actually, I've been giving this matter some thought recently.

Our little church is not in a nice neighborhood, and we get a lot of transcients stopping by on Sunday mornings asking for money.We developed a policy regarding this situation. We tell them that if they will stay for Church service, and then Bible Study afterwards, we will feed them and give them a little money.

Usually, they say, "they don't have time for that , and move on. But sometimes they stay.........


Jesus says in Matthew 5:42, "Give to him who asks of you, and do not turn away from him who wants to borrow from you."

We have a church policy of not being in the loan business, either to members or non-members. When we give money, it's strictly a gift.


Now, Sis, what I been thinking about..... during Jesus' three+ year ministry, it doesn't appear that He gave much money to people(if any). But, what He did do was to heal everyone who needed it, cast out demons left and right, and then preached to, and tought them.

I don't have the gift of healing......... so I witness to them(captive audience), and give them a gift of money afterwards.

If they take the money and buy booze with it, that's between them and God. When we give someone a gift, there shouldn't be any strings attached.

I understand that Christians have different thoughts about this issue.

Oh, nice poem........


Grace and Peace.

Hi Nancy,

One important thing to keep in mind in our daily lives........... we might plant seeds, and never see the  results.

What I'm talking about is mentioned in the 3rd Chapter of 1 Corinthians, when Paul talks about one person planting, another person watering, but God causes the growth. It's beautiful. Talk about teamwork............


A while back, you mentioned writing a book. anything cookin'?


Grace and Peace.

This is a great question to think about. Being in a medical field, there are times when the words are right on the tip of my tongue and yet, due to policies, unless the patient engages me in a "religious" conversation, I am restricted and unable to bring God to others at work, other than with co-workers. My co-workers know exactly how I feel about handling the burdens of this world and we often discuss it. But when a patient is scared or worried and we are enroute to a hospital, there are so many things I would like to share. I can't afford to lose my job or I would be living in a box under a bridge somewhere because I do not have any family left who could help me. So, my question back to your question is, how do we witness sometimes when this world has limited our ability to do so? Other ways to bring the light to those we encounter who have no hope and do not know Jesus....I will be watching this post because my mind has drawn a blank and I would really like to know some different ideas myself! :)
kevin.....I also found myself not long ago actully, the words came out of my mouth."he probably has a house and is too lazy to work, or he squanders his money on drugs". Then it's like I heard myself and felt terrible! It is not my place to determine why someone is on the side of the road, it is not my place to judge if their being in that position is something they did to themselves, or anything like that. I had this whole group of thoughts that just started pounding into my head like God was "fixing" my corrupted feelings and ideas. I turned around and gave the guy a little cash from my pocket, and thanked God for helping me to help someone. If that man spend that money on alcohol, it makes no difference to me. God said to help everyone. I think God will deal with those people and their bad decisions, but he will also deal with whether or not I am doing what he has commanded me to do. So, I think we should help everyone and do what we as believers should do and after that, we have fulfilled our duties and the rest, God will handle. Maybe just one person in my lifetime will be standing there that actually needed a few dollars to eat that day. Since I have no way to discern who that one person is, I should try to help them all when I can. Great subject....something to think about. Glad you were able to change your thinking as well. It's hard sometimes not to become jaded by the world we live in. Let's keep trying to do God's will!!

Our GOD is a GENEROUS and GRACIOUS GOD,  We are supposed to help one another in many ways, spiritual, physical and financial. Her in the Philippines, we had these ppl on the streets and yes, somtimes I shunned them away because looking their physical appearance, they are still capable and able to do many things  if only they don't choose the kind of work. Others really are handicapped but our government had programs for them and in my part, If only I can afford, I will not only give them a fish for one day but I will teach them to catch fish and daily bread on their own, So many times I felt like giving them a way to star a small business and I had been praying that someday I can in whatever ways HE will allow.

Nancy this is nice to discuss with and thanks.

i used to think the same thing about people asking for a handout. i never gave to them because i figured they would waste it or maybe they already have a job and just trying to see how much they could squeeze out of people. then a friend of mine told me if i give something to them, i've done my Christian duty. whatever they do with the money is between them and God. if they're just conning people, God will deal with them. i take them at face value and give them whatever i can and pass along a kind word. that's what God wants us to do i believe. give from the heart and you will help lighten whatever burdens they may have.


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